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"Isn't this what we've all been waiting for? All of us under the same roof?"
Emma Swan to Mary Margaret Blanchard[src]

The Blanchard Apartment is a Storybrooke location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the second episode of the first season.


During First CurseEdit

One morning in October 2011, schoolteacher Mary Margaret finds a fairytale book in her apartment. Not knowing its origin, she decides to give it to a lonely boy named Henry to inspire hope in his life. ("Going Home")

A few weeks later, Henry's birth mother, Emma, comes to town. After being falsely arrested and bailed out by Mary Margaret, drops by the woman's apartment to pay her back in money. Mary Margaret invites her in, and they talk over cinnamon hot chocolate and cookies. Emma asks why Mary Margaret trusts her. Mary Margaret feels like they have met before and believes she is innocent of the charges. However, Emma wants to leave Storybrooke to keep Henry from being hurt. Mary Margaret points out that the fact that Emma wants to leave is the very reason to stay because she cares about Henry and there'll be no one else to protect him. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Mary Margaret is at the diner chatting with her date, Dr. Whale, who is busy admiring the waitress, Ruby. When she realizes it isn't going well, Mary Margaret leaves and notices Emma staying in her car because there are no vacant rooms for rent. Pleased that she is staying in town for Henry's sake, Mary Margaret offers her a spare room in the apartment, but the blonde rejects the offer; citing herself as not the roommate type. Two nights later, while Mary Margaret is home, Emma arrives at the door and accepts the prior invitation to be room mates. ("Snow Falls")

Mr. Gold, robbed of a contract signed by a pregnant Ashley, who promised to give up her child to him at birth, seeks Emma's help in tracking her down. He shows up at the apartment to give Emma a photo of Ashley leaving his pawnshop the previous night after she stole the contract. Emma wonders why he didn't go to the police, and Mr. Gold insists doing so would only ruin Ashley's life. Mr. Gold only cares about gaining back something the girl took from him and furthermore persuades Emma by saying he doesn't wish to see Ashley's child born in jail. Emma agrees to take on the assignment just as Henry bursts in. After Mr. Gold departs, Henry questions Emma about the man's unknown fairytale counterpart. ("The Price of Gold")

Under Regina's pressure, Dr. Archie Hopper tells Henry that his nonsense about the curse must end. The boy leaves the therapy session visibly upset and goes straight to Emma's apartment, in tears. Emma comforts him and then drops him back home. Nonetheless, Henry is unable to give up on his idea, and ventures into the mines to search for proof that the curse is real. ("That Still Small Voice")

While washing the dishes, Mary Margaret talks to Emma about her feelings for David, who is married. She is focused on what he said about choosing her, and not his wife, Kathryn. Emma ushers her to stop cleaning and the two sit down to have a drink. She advises Mary Margaret against getting involved with a married man and to allow David to figure out his life. ("The Shepherd")

A night after discovering Sheriff Graham's illicit relationship with Regina, Emma reacts with scorn when she sees a vase of delivered flowers sitting on the apartment counter. Believing they are from Graham, she hastily dumps them into the trash. Mary Margaret guiltily admits the flowers are for her from Dr. Whale since they had a one-night stand. Emma sees nothing wrong with one-night stands; something she is familiar with. Perceptively, Mary Margaret understands Emma's anger at the flowers has to do with her growing feelings for Graham. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

Following Graham's untimely death, Emma is fired from the sheriff station, on Regina's orders. Furious, she takes out her anger on a broken toaster in the apartment. Mr. Gold drops by, having heard of what Regina did, and gives her the town charter to keep Sidney from being named the new town sheriff since it is against the rules for a mayor to appoint a job. Mr. Gold later provokes a fire in the town hall so that Emma saves Regina and shows herself as a hero, gaining the townspeople's sympathy. Even though Emma reveals the plan, she outvotes candidate Sidney and becomes sheriff. Later that day, Mr. Gold comes to visit Emma and tells her it was all an act. He had to give her a higher form of bravery, the people had to see her defy him. He tells her by standing up to him the people feel she could stand up to Regina. Emma asks why he did it. Mr. Gold says it's because they made a deal a while ago and that she owes him a favor. Now that she is sheriff, he is sure that she can find a way to repay him. ("Desperate Souls")

Emma takes in sibling orphans, Ava and Nicholas Zimmer, when they are left without parental supervision. In a discussion with Mary Margaret, she admits no one knew the children became orphans; with their mother, Dory, dead and no record of a father. Emma purposely did not report them to the government because the system will throw the siblings into homes where foster parents are paid to keep them. Overhearing them, Ava begs not to be separated from her brother. In an attempt to track down their biological father, Emma is given an antique compass Ava and Nicholas' mother owned, which leads her to Michael who used to be involved with Dory. Michael refuses to acknowledge the children as his own, but Emma is able to convince him otherwise. During the evening, Emma tells Mary Margaret about Henry's theory that she is her mother, which the schoolteacher finds amusing. When alone, Mary Margaret notices Emma's baby blanket, her room mate's sole token of her birth parents. Strangely, she seems to recognize it. ("True North")

Still pining for David, Mary Margaret wakes up in a rush and hastily leaves the apartment to be at the diner by seven-fifteen so she can catch a glimpse of him. However, the schoolteacher tells Emma she is helping her students make a volcano for a science fair project. ("7:15 A.M.")

At the apartment, Sidney, who is beginning to stand up to Regina, helps Emma pore over boxes of records, as part of an investigation on a suspicious transaction between the mayor and Mr. Gold. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

Kathryn finds out about Mary Margaret and David's affair, and the scandal causes everyone to gossip and shun her. Emma finds an upset Mary Margaret laying in bed and keeps her company. ("What Happened to Frederick")

Henry is helping Emma look around for evidence about Kathryn's disappearance. He takes keys from Regina's office; all of which can open any door in Storybrooke. Emma tries one of the keys on Mary Margaret's door, which successfully opens; much to her surprise. ("Heart of Darkness")

One day, after a fight with her grandmother, Ruby decides to leave town, but Emma and Mary Margaret persuade her to stay in the apartment while she can figure things out. Eventually, Ruby and Granny reconcile. ("Red-Handed")

After Kathryn is found alive, Mary Margaret is released from jail due to the murder charges being dropped. A party is thrown in her apartment as a homecoming celebration. Many residents of town attend; among them August, Billy, Bashful, Dr. Whale, Happy and Mr. Clark. Having previously helped August break into Mr. Gold's pawnshop, the boy asks if he was able to find "it". Although his search was unsuccessful, August believes "it" will find him. David shows up at the door, but Mary Margaret signals for Emma to turn him away. Suspicious of Mr. Gold and his connection to Kathryn's kidnapping, Emma grills him on the subject, but he avoids discussing it and instead asks about August. ("The Return")

August installs a new lock on Mary Margaret's door to keep Regina out so she cannot use keys to enter and frame her for a crime. Emma announces her intentions of hiring Mr. Gold to build a case against Regina. ("The Stranger")

One morning, Mary Margaret realizes Emma has disappeared from the apartment. When Emma finally does return, she admits to attempting to run out of town with Henry. Seeing as this failed, she tries to seek permanent custody of Henry, but the chances are slim. Out of options, Emma concludes it is best to leave town alone and allow Henry to be raised by Regina. While packing up her things in the apartment, Henry arrives, to which she uses the time to tell him of her leaving. As they hug, the boy sees an apple turnover on the counter, which Regina gifted to Emma as a parting gift. Henry insists the food is poisoned and takes a bite of it to prove himself right, and to convince her magic is real. To Emma's shock, he faints after eating the apple turnover. ("An Apple Red As Blood")

After First CurseEdit

After Emma and Mary Margaret disappear through a magic hat to another realm, David takes Henry to the apartment with him. There, a dejected Henry gazes at a photo of the two women. David reassures him that they are alive, and he will find them. ("Broken")

In front of a mirror, David tries to rehearse a speech to the people of Storybrooke to address the crisis and concern of their imprisoned situation in Storybrooke. ("We Are Both")

Mr. Gold goes to the apartment and enlists the help of David to find a missing Belle, since the people of Storybrooke are less than willing to help the man who has caused such misery. ("The Crocodile")

In the apartment, a screaming Henry wakes up; causing David to come running. David lights a candle for Henry, and then the boy describes having a nightmare in which he was in a room of fire with another person present. David comforts him and says it was just a bad dream. ("Tallahassee")

Anxious about her son, Regina invites Mr. Gold into the apartment to help Henry overcome the nightmares. In turn, Mr. Gold gives Henry a special necklace to control his dreams. Later, David watches over Henry as he sleeps. In a brief conversation with Ruby, she encourages him not to give up on trying to rescue Emma and Mary Margaret. ("Child of the Moon")

Using the necklace, Henry is able to extinguish the flames in a dream, and meets a woman named Aurora from the Enchanted Forest who claims to be with Emma and Mary Margaret. After waking up, he excitedly delivers the news to David. ("Into the Deep")

Having safely returned to Storybrooke, Mary Margaret makes up lost time with David. While the two are still in bed, Emma and Henry arrive home after going out shopping for groceries. Henry is unfazed; asking why they are still in bed. On the other hand, Emma is shocked over finding her parents in this kind of situation and awkwardly excuses herself. David jokes to Mary Margaret that he is glad they are still able to give Emma some embarrassing childhood memories even though they have been absent from her life. ("The Cricket Game")

Seemingly finding proof that Regina is responsible for killing Archie, Emma breaks the news to Henry. Following the funeral ceremony, everyone returns to the apartment for a quiet wake. Emma attempts to offer Henry some food, but he is too depressed to eat. Soon, Leroy speaks out, on behalf of the dwarves, to inquire about when they can return home to the Enchanted Forest. Emma remarks that she and Mary Margaret worked hard in order to come back to Storybrooke, but Leroy is concerned that Regina is still out there somewhere. Additionally, he points out how dangerous it is for outsiders to wander into their town and discover magic. Ruby agrees; stating even people from the Enchanted Forest were frightened by her wolf form and perhaps people in this world will likely react the same. Emma believes the town is safe for now, though Leroy believes sooner or later something will happen. After the wake, Marco agrees to give Archie's dog, Pongo, to Henry to help the boy deal with his sadness. As a more enthusiastic Henry takes the dog outside to clean him, Mary Margaret suggests, to David and Emma's shock, that she and her husband should move into another house since things are getting too cramped. While the couple are out house-hunting, an alive Archie shows up to the apartment. To Emma and Henry, he states Cora kidnapped and faked his death. "The Outsider")

During a hectic night at the hospital, Emma deals with an outsider, Greg, who crashed his car into town just as Mr. Gold used magic. To the relief of many people, Greg claims he was texting when the vehicle spun out of control and did not witness anything strange. Returning home to the apartment, Emma and her parents fill Henry in on what happened. When they reveal Dr. Whale's counterpart is Dr. Frankenstein, Henry realizes this particular story doesn't exist in his book. He theorizes that the curse must have gone to other worlds and taken people from other stories. Suddenly, Mr. Gold arrives demanding Emma fulfill her long-standing favor to him by helping to find his son in New York. He threatens that if Belle is harmed in his absence, they will pay with their lives. ("In the Name of the Brother")

Knowing how dangerous Cora is, Emma decides to bring Henry with her for the trip to New York. After they both leave with Mr. Gold, David and Mary Margaret prepare to search for Cora, when Regina arrives, once again denying killing Archie. They apologize for suspecting her and confess that he is alive. Upon learning Henry left town with Emma, Regina is upset no one notified her. Mary Margaret insists they don't need to run anything by her, which Regina half-heartedly agrees with. ("Tiny")

Receiving a hysterical phone call from Emma, Mary Margaret learns Mr. Gold's son, Neal, is also Henry's biological father. She councils her daughter into telling Henry the truth, but Emma worries he will get hurt. However, Mary Margaret wonders if it's Emma who is afraid of getting hurt. Later, she relays the news to David, who can't believe the complexity of their family tree. He jokes that it's a good thing they didn't have Thanksgiving in the Enchanted Forest or else the holidays would've been terrible. On second thought, Mary Margaret suggests that everyone's new-found familial connection will bring them all together. ("Manhattan")

On Mary Margaret's birthday, she specifically asks David not to do anything special. Though it should be a day of celebration, Mary Margaret remembers her mother dying in the same date. That morning, David finds a present left outside the apartment door. When Mary Margaret notices the box on the table, she accosts him over getting her a gift, but he explains how he found it. Reluctantly, she opens it to find a tiara given to her by her mother years ago. The couple looks on in amazement; realizing that the tiara was not lost in the curse as they had thought. Upon opening the card that came along with the tiara, she finds out Johanna sent the present. In a rush, Mary Margaret leaves to find her. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Mary Margaret, shouldering guilt from tricking Regina into killing Cora, becomes despondent and bed-ridden. Eventually, when Henry inquiries, Emma admits what happened. Cautioned by Mr. Gold, they learn of Regina's plans to rip out Mary Margaret's heart and sacrifice it for the curse of the empty-hearted, which she intends to cast on Henry to gain his love. Since Mary Margaret did save his life, Mr. Gold guards her while David and Emma are away from the apartment. Though Regina successfully breaks in, he is there to stop her from taking out Mary Margaret's heart. Later, Mr. Gold is informed, via a phone call, that Regina has given up on enacting the curse. Quietly, Mary Margaret asks how he can live with himself after all the evil he has committed. Mr. Gold states that it is best to keep telling oneself the right thing was done until one truly believed in it. Unable to see past her own actions, she secretly goes to Regina and asks to be killed as punishment. Instead, Regina only shows Mary Margaret the growing blackened spot in her heart. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

David continues to coddle a recuperating Mary Margaret with breakfast in bed, but Emma firmly believes it's time for her to simply move on. Once Emma and Henry leave to meet Neal and his fiancée, Tamara, Mary Margaret gets up to begin packing things for a trip to the woods. She asks him to let her go alone and think things through, which he allows. Later, Emma apologizes to Henry for lying to him about his father. The two embrace and head upstairs; leaving David and his wife downstairs. She confesses going to Regina and being shown the darkness in her own heart, which upsets David. Admittedly, Mary Margaret kept it a secret as she wanted to find a way to stop her blackening heart. David promises they will because he believes in the goodness in her heart. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

During the day, Henry and Neal spend their time playing in the park. In the evening, Neal brings a worn out and asleep Henry back to the apartment. Emma tucks her son into bed and then the two sit down to talk. Previously, Emma was told by her parents that they wish to return to the Enchanted Forest using magic beans. With this still on her mind, she asks Neal if he would ever return to his old home if given the chance. Neal states he spent a lifetime trying to escape. ("Lacey")

Kidnapped and tortured by Greg, Regina is rescued and brought back to the apartment by David and Mary Margaret. With Mother Superior's magic wand, she is restored to full health. Once awake, Regina lets it slip that she wanted to destroy everyone with a trigger and then whisk Henry away with her to the Enchanted Forest. However, the trigger is now in Greg and Tamara's hands. Shortly after, Emma arrives home to reveal that Neal, shot by Tamara, fell into a portal. As she grieves his death, her parents comfort her. Desperate to stop the trigger, David and Mary Margaret ask Mr. Gold for help, but he refuses. After fetching Henry, they and Emma regroup at the apartment with Regina. An earthquake rips through town; signaling the activation of the trigger. Hook, previously aligned with Greg and Tamara, offers to help them. ("Second Star to the Right", "And Straight On 'Til Morning")

During Second CurseEdit

A new curse is cast causing all the former town residents who were sent to the Enchanted Forest for a year, due to Regina undoing Pan's curse, to return to their lives in Storybrooke. With Hook's help, Emma reclaims memories of her parents and friends. She arrives on the doorstep of the apartment to reunite with David and a visibly pregnant Mary Margaret. Emma is brought up to speed on how they mysteriously don't remember anything from their year in the Enchanted Forest because of the new curse. She decides to team up with Regina to sleuth out the caster of the curse, who escapes without capture. Notably, some town residents have been disappearing, which culminates in the discovery that they are turning into flying monkeys. This serves as evidence to help David, Emma, Hook, Mary Margaret and Regina to conclude the caster of the curse is the Wicked Witch of the West. ("New York City Serenade", "Witch Hunt")

Mary Margaret has her first get-together with a midwife, Zelena, she intends to hire and introduces David to her. Zelena, whose main objective is to obtain Mary Margaret's child, brews them tea and deliberately slips a magical hallucinogenic herb called night root into David's cup. Once David leaves, Mary Margaret and Zelena carry on with conversation. During this time period, David's consumption of the night root causes his greatest fear to manifest as himself, but defeats the illusion by piercing it with his sword. As Zelena is getting ready to leave the apartment, she checks her bag to see David's sword is now in her possession. ("The Tower")

While everyone else is looking for the Wicked Witch, Mary Margaret returns to the apartment to get some rest. Unable to feel the baby moving, she panics and calls Zelena for help. The dutiful midwife rushes over and explains it's normal for the child to move infrequently as the due date approaches. She then offers the expecting mother a glass of orange juice. After downing all of it, Mary Margaret surprisingly feels a kick from the baby. Later, Zelena excuses herself to the restroom and disappears out of the apartment through the window. David and Emma burst in to apprehend Zelena after discovering her true identity as the Wicked Witch, but are too late to catch her. ("Quiet Minds")

Emma assists David in putting together a baby's crib while Regina puts a protective spell around the apartment to keep Zelena out. She agrees to strengthen her magic under Regina's instruction, to which David and Mary Margaret suggest they can keep watch over Henry for the day. Awkwardly, Emma tells her parents that Henry perceives them to be boring people, and instead lets Hook take care of her son. At the end of the day, they regroup at the apartment. Hook returns without Henry since he spent the day helping Ariel track down a missing Eric and had allowed Emma's parents to take the boy for a driving lesson. In another magic test, Emma successfully projects a mirror image of Ariel and Eric happily reunited on Hangman's Island in the Enchanted Forest. Before Hook leaves, Emma affirms she is tired of looking into the past and no longer cares about what he is hiding from her. ("The Jolly Roger")

Regina figures out the key to break the curse and getting everyone's memories back is having Henry believe in magic. When Emma recalls believing in magic because of Henry's storybook, Mary Margaret suggests looking for the item in the first place it appeared to her in 2011; her closet. David, Mary Margaret, Emma and Regina begin their search in the apartment. Eventually, Mary Margaret finds the book in a box. ("A Curious Thing")

After Second CurseEdit

After Regina breaks the curse, Mary Margaret gives birth to a baby boy. Back in the apartment, she and David explain to Emma that the baby's name will only be revealed during a traditional ceremony; much like the one she would have had if raised in the Enchanted Forest. Emma is not sure that is a good idea, but the couple explain they'd rather have an informal celebration at the diner. Henry arrives carrying a newspaper to show an apartment listing in town that he and Emma could possibly utilize, but she is still determined to go back to New York. When questioned by Mary Margaret, Emma avoids the topic and asks Henry to help her parents pick a name for her new baby brother. ("Snow Drifts")

When a giant snowman threatens Storybrooke, Emma tries to stop it with magic, but she fails. Regina, however, succeeds in destroying the creature. Following this, a relieved Emma approaches Hook, who she has been avoiding, and invites him to go home with her and watch Netflix. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

During an evening, Mary Margaret puts her son, Neal, in his crib for the night. Henry asks her what babies dream about, so David answers with bullfighting while Emma says laser tag. Perplexed, Mary Margaret states that's not true, but Henry humorously replies they are joking. In exasperation, the overworked mother states that'll be funny to her again once she's had enough sleep. At the counter, Emma sees Henry assembling a basket of chocolate, DVDs, ice cream and red wine. Henry says the it's for Regina, especially the red wine, since google confirms that it's good for getting over a breakup. However, he notes that the search engine did not say what to do when a boyfriend's dead wife time travels from the past into the present; alluding to Regina's heartbreak since her former lover's wife has returned. Suddenly, a raven arrives to the window with a note from Regina to Henry. From reading it, Henry is hurt that Regina doesn't want to see him, and he flees to the diner. Later, David leaves, after a town blackout, for Storybrooke's border with Emma to investigate. While he's gone, Granny, Happy and Leroy persuade Mary Margaret that she has to fix the power outage. Soon after Mary Margaret refuels the circuit, David, Hook and their new-found ally, Elsa, return to the apartment. The trio warm up Emma, who was exposed to extreme temperatures, as the power returns. Before Henry makes hot cocoa for Emma, she apologizes for not being much help earlier at the diner. Desperate to find her sister, Anna, Elsa uses a shepherd's crook and hears her heartbeat. Soon, Mary Margaret comes home. Following a quick introduction, David promises they will help Elsa find Anna since their family never abandons hope. From this, Henry realizes he should not give up on Regina, either. ("White Out")

As Emma prepares for her first date with Hook, Mary Margaret and David bring out records of all the residents from the first and second curses so they can search for any sign of Anna. Stepping out in her date outfit, Emma asks for her parents and Elsa's opinions, to which they agree she looks amazing. Hook arrives in the apartment and Emma invites him to leave before David decides to give paternal advice. By evening's end, Emma returns home as an excited Mary Margaret queries her on how the date went. Awkwardly, Emma excuses herself by saying goodnight, but this doesn't stop Mary Margaret and David's chatter, to which Emma says, from another room, that she can still hear them. ("The Apprentice")

When Mary Margaret and her husband plan to spend quality time together, they request Belle to babysit Neal at the apartment. As they watch Belle hold Neal in her arms, David quietly reassures Mary Margaret that everything will be fine. While he points out if anything goes wrong. Later, Returning home before David, Mary Margaret plays with Neal. When her husband arrives, the couple discuss the escape of prisoner from the sheriff's station. ("Breaking Glass")

One night, as Mary Margaret lays Neal in the crib, David arrives with Hook and Elsa and says they did not find Emma, who ran away after her magic went out of control. Regretting her behavior earlier that day, Mary Margaret remarks to David how unsupportive they acted with their daughter. ("The Snow Queen")

Failing to find her daughter, Mary Margaret returns home with Elsa, David and Hook. As they wonder about Emma's whereabouts, Henry arrives and reveals he has been with Emma, who unwillingly hurt him. Hearing that, Mary Margaret takes him to the bathroom to wash his face. Helpfully, Elsa uses her magic to create ice for Henry's cut. As she comes downstairs, Regina arrives to see her son and brings a potion to help tracking Emma. Shortly after, Emma phones Mary Margaret and informs she found a way to get rid of her magic. Worried, Hook lies saying he will look for his cell phone, but in actuality the pirate calls Emma as soon as he leaves the apartment.

Later, Mary Margaret and David observe a photograph and comment how many times Emma saved them all. When David remarks that losing magic may be better for their daughter, Elsa overhears the conversation and leaves the apartment taking the locator potion in order to find Emma.

Upstaris, Regina magically heals Henry and they talk about such ability. When Henry shares his concern on not having magic, Regina comforts him and tells he is very special even so. Leaving the boy to rest, Regina approaches Mary Margaret in the kitchen and shyly admits having spent the night with Robin Hood. The women are interrupted by David, who informs Regina that Emma is giving away her magic, to which Regina opposes, given her experience with trying to make Henry look "normal". ("Smash the Mirror")




Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.