This page focuses on the Enchanted Forest Bridge Trolls, not on the Arendelle Rock Trolls.
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"Royal blood is the sweetest of them all."
One of the Trolls to Prince Charming[src]
Bridge Trolls are a humanoid species featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. One of them, the leader of the Troll Group, is portrayed by Mark Gibbon. They are native from the Enchanted Forest, and first appear in the third episode of the first season.


Before First CurseEdit

One group of trolls in the Enchanted Forest are found on the Troll Bridge. They are known for desiring valuable jewels, and in return they give gold. Ex-princess Snow White begins stealing from roadside travelers and giving the jewelry to the trolls so she can receive gold as payment. One day, she steals from a prince and he forces her to help him get them back. She leads him to the Troll Bridge where she places the gold coins she got from them on the side of the bridge, to which the trolls are alerted someone is on the bridge, and climb up to check. They are unhappy to see Snow White again as their deal is long done. Although Snow White is willing to buy the stolen jewels back with the gold the trolls gave her, they refuse to sell the jewelry back. As the trolls are sifting through Prince Charming's belongings, they find Snow White's wanted poster listing her as a fugitive of the Evil Queen, and the trolls attempt to kidnap her. Prince Charming fights them off; buying time for Snow White to run away. Having escaped, she notices that the trolls have captured Prince Charming and then goes back to rescue him. She uses her dark fairy dust to turn all of the trolls into cockroaches, and they are killed by Prince Charming, who steps on them. ("Snow Falls")

Located under a bridge, the trolls deal in trading jewels for gold. On the Queen's orders, they attack Snow White as she approaches. Prince Charming is caught up in the scuffle and captured while she flees. After noticing he is still entrapped, Snow White grabs a handful of sand and pretends it is fairy dust. She threatens to use the fairy dust to turn the trolls into bugs, to which they let Prince Charming go and retreat. Infuriated at their failure, the Queen turns the trolls into bugs. Setting an example for one of her guards, she stomps on one of the bugs, and promises to do the same to him if he doesn't bring her Snow White. ("There's No Place Like Home")


Reawakened: A Once Upon a Time TaleEdit

  • The trolls turn into snails instead of cockroaches after being hit by fairy dust.[1]


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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