This article focuses on the Enchanted Forest location, the Dark Castle. For a similarily named location, see Dark Palace.
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The Dark Castle is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the fifth episode of the first season.


Before the CurseEdit

105 14
Rumplestiltskin gives Jiminy a potion that shall solve his problems. ("That Still Small Voice")

Rumplestiltskin is spinning straw to gold at his wheel, as he turns the material, Jiminy walks in holding a bag of goods, Rumple giggles, "Thank you very much," he says. Jiminy displaces the good upon Rumple's table. "And the names?" Rumple asks. At this, Jiminy pulls some paper from his inside pocket, "To whom do these treasures belong?" Rumple asks eccentrically, standing up. Jiminy silently places the list onto the bag of goods. Rumple cuts a piece of gold thread and throws it to Jiminy, telling him its a reward for his thievery. "Thank you, you can go," Rumple tells Jiminy, blatantly. Jiminy begins to walk away. "But you want something else," Rumple notes, the thief stops. Rumple places some more gold thread into a dish, asking if he's correct, "Something with... magic," he says, pouring some potion in with the gold thread, making it shine and fizz. Jiminy is hesitant, "Every year, I'm stuck in that damn wagon. I wanna be free, I wanna... I wanna be someone else, but... something keeps holding me back," Jiminy explains. "Something or someone?" Rumple asks, hovering his hands over the potion. "It's my parents," Jiminy reveals, Rumple turns the potion in the dish into a vile and hands it to Jiminy, telling him that it's exactly what he needs. Rumple explains that it will set him free and tells him to pour it, sprinkle it, put it in their drinks, anything will work. Jiminy goes to garb the potion but Rumple pulls it away from him. "Ah, but you have nothing else to give to me," he points out, "Tell you what, after the potion has... done it's work, leave them where they are, and I'll come collect them. They'll be my fee," he offers. "What will become of them?", Jiminy asks. "...worry you not. They'll be in safe hands. And you'll be free," Rumple assures him, handing him the potion. Jiminy hesitantly accepts the vile and walks away with it. ("That Still Small Voice")

Rumple 407
Rumple shifts some gloves. ("The Snow Queen")

Ingrid, the future Queen of Arendelle, grows up with the power to wield ice and snow magically, and wishes to get rid of it with aid from Rumplestiltskin. She and her sisters, Helga and Gerda, visit him at his Dark Castle in order to make a deal, but he points out how rare her brand of magic is, offering to give her lessons instead. Ingrid refuses, wanting the power gone, and so the Dark One obliges in offering her a pair of gloves that will help to block her magic, so long as she believes they will, as well as a magic urn that will be able to trap her should she go completely out of control. Ingrid accepts his offerings and prepares to leave, but Rumple points out that that's not how deals work, wanting something in return. They wonder what, and he forces them to hand over the ribbons they've had since children, which represent their sisterly bond. Reluctantly, they sacrifice them, and Ingrid walks away with the objects in tow. ("The Snow Queen")

Rumple 316
Rumple begins to train Zelena, Cora's other daughter. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Rumple's training of Regina begins, but, as it transpires, her magical abilities are quite lacking. One day, Rumple thinks he sees her manage to transport a rock into her hand, but it is in fact Cora's firstborn daughter, Zelena. He is at first wary, but when Zelena introduces herself, he confirms her claims by plucking out a strand of her hair and putting it in a small bottle, which glowed green. She requests that Rumple train her in magic, being very powerful, and he agrees, taking her into the woods where he blindfolds her. He tells her to use her anger to fuel her magic and she does so, using her jealousy of Regina, and manages to find Rumple despite her blindfold during the training exercise. He then tells her to use a happy thought to tame that anger and explains that his own happy thought is of the meat pies made by the two spinsters who raised him because it made him forget what he truly was: a boy who wasn't wanted by his papa. Zelena uses the moment that Rumple agreed to train her, for that was the moment she felt wanted. One day soon, Zelena makes Rumple a meat pie reminiscent of the ones the spinsters used to make him, but he tells her to leave for he has another lesson soon. She is confused, having just had a lesson, and he reveals that he's still training Regina, much to her rage. Rumple warns Zelena not to be so envious because it's starting to show via the green patch of skin growing across her neck. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

205 08
Jefferson completes his deal with Rumplestiltskin. ("The Doctor")

Regina visits Rumple and he asks her why she really wants magic, knowing that it's not for power, and she admits that she wants to be able to bring back the dead so that she may be reunited with Daniel, her true love. Rumple tells her that she is silly to think such magic exists and terminates himself as her teacher. Regina is taken by Jefferson to see Viktor Frankenstein to see if he can restore Daniel's body with a magic heart, however, the procedure fails. Regina returns to Rumple, who is now teaching a new student, and she takes this student's heart from her body and crushes it, killing her. Rumple agrees to continue teaching her, impressed that she's clearly been able to get over her past. It is soon discovered that Rumplestiltskin orchestrated the failure so that Regina would get the delusion of resurrection out of her head. He gives Frankenstein a magic heart in exchange for his abidance on the matter so that he can go on to bring his brother back from the dead. ("The Doctor")

404 08
Rumple offers Anna a deal. ("The Apprentice")

Rumplestiltskin is visited by Anna of Arendelle who wants to know why her parents came to the Enchanted Forest all those years ago, offering to do whatever it takes for this information. This gladdens Rumple and he makes the princess sign a contract, sending her on her way to poison a sorcerer's apprentice who guards a magic hat. She goes, but cannot poison him, shocked to learn that the "poison" was actually an antidote to the spell Rumple had earlier enacted to turn the kindly old man into a mouse; he explains that he needed her tear to break the enchantment guarding the box containing the hat, which can only be broken by those who've faced their inner-darkness and overcome it. She argues that she never even considered killing the man, so it doesn't count, and so he tells her that her parents came to the Enchanted Forest because they feared their daughter Elsa and goads her into killing him - which she does contemplate, but ultimately can't do - and takes her tear afterwards. He then takes the hat for himself, wanting to use it to collect enough magic to end his dagger's thrall over him, but the apprentice (still in mouse form) soon bites his hand and causes him to drop said dagger, which Anna then picks up and uses to force him to hand over the hatbox and send her back to Arendelle. He begrudgingly obliges. ("The Apprentice")

112 09
Belle frets over a minor inconvenience. ("Skin Deep")

Rumplestiltskin appears before Sir Maurice, whose kingdom is tormented by the Ogres War. He offers to help Maurice for a price - Belle, his daughter, for her uses as a maid. Maurice and Sir Gaston, the girl's fiance, protest to this, however, Belle takes a stand and agrees to live with Rumple for the kingdom's sake, stating that no one decides her fate but herself.. When Belle arrives at the Dark Castle, she is immediately thrown into a cell, much to her dismay. Later, Belle is being told her list of chores and at, "Skin the children I hunt for their pelts," Belle drops a tea cup. Rumple reveals that it was a quip and Belle becomes very apologetic for chipping the cup, however, he reminds her that it's just a cup. ("Skin Deep")

Rumple 220
Hag and the beast. ("The Evil Queen")

After making a deal with Rumple that in exchange for making Regina look like a peasant so she could kill Snow, she'd bankrupt King George's kingdom, Regina returns to Rumple in his Dark Castle, still in her disguised form, and he jokes that he already has a promising maid. Regina demands to be changed back and asks why Rumple didn't appear to her when she called him, as agreed, but he points out he never agreed to show up. She tells him that he was right, her subjects will never love her. Rumple turns Regina back to her normal self and she declares that the queen is dead. Long live the Evil Queen. ("The Evil Queen")

219 06
Belle misses her family. ("Lacey")

Belle cries over her fate in her cell and Rumple begins to grow very annoyed. He gives her a pillow to muffle her cries but when he leaves, Belle follows him upstairs where they discover a thief stealing a magic wand. Rumple manages to capture the thief, despite the latter's possession of a bow that never misses its target, and begins to torture him viciously. Belle is disgusted by this and frees the thief out of sympathy for him, but when Rumplestiltskin discovers this, he is livid. He tells Belle that she fell for deceit as the thief stole the magic wand on his way out and tells her that her punishment is that she has to accompany him on his mission to execute the thief with his own bow and arrow. As Rumple nearly kills Robin, Belle manages to stop him. When they return to the Dark Castle, Rumple shows Belle a room full of books for her to enjoy, she is very thankful, even though he insists he did it simply for her to have more cleaning to do. ("Lacey")

112 11
Romance. ("Skin Deep")

Whilst Belle is up on a ladder trying to fix Rumple's curtains, the Dark One is spinning at the wheel and asked by his maid why he does this so much. He explains that it helps him forget things, leading her to wonder what he needs to forget. Not answering, he jokes that it must have worked, and Belle laughs. Rumple then wonders what she's doing herself, and she tells him that she's trying to open the curtains to let the light of Spring in, but they're stuck. She asks if he nailed them down, and he says that he did; she continues to try to get them open, but the curtains tear and she falls from her ladder, leading Rumple to catch her in her arms; an awkward yet romantic moment ensues, and he promptly places her back on the ground. Later, Rumple and Belle are conversing, during which time she admits to her past ambitions of heroism and that she had no interest in her old fiancé Gaston, and she soon mentions having seen small clothes in his closet, as if for a child. He admits that they were his son's, and Belle is curious to hear about him. Before she can do so, there is someone at the door, and Rumple answers it to Belle's former fiancé, who demands that the beast unhand the lady. However, he simply uses his magic to transform Sir Gaston into a rose, killing him, and gives the rose to Belle as a present. ("Skin Deep")

Rumple 311
A remembrance is held in Bae's honor. ("Going Home")

In his castle's library, Rumple lights a candle for Baelfire's birthday, stating that it's been too many years to count, but he hasn't stopped counting. Belle soon walks in but is told to go away by her master, who snuffs out the candle. She apologizes, not having realized that he was carrying out a remembrance, and Rumple explains that it's his son's birthday. Belle wonders how old he would be now, but Rumple tells her that he's not dead, he's just "lost". She doesn't understand what this means and asks how this came to be, and Rumple tells her that it was due to his cowardice. She assures him that it's not too late for him to redeem himself, but Rumplestiltskin denies this, stating that his ending will not be a happy one. ("Going Home")

Rumple 112
Rumple falls in love with Belle. ("Skin Deep")

Rumple soon becomes so friendly with Belle that he lets her go; he tells her that she is to go into town and buy some more straw for him to spin, and when she returns, he will tell her all about his son, Bae. She asks if he trusts her to come back, to which he admits that he never expects to see her again. To the Dark One's shock, Belle later returns with the straw he requested, and asks to hear about Bae. He tells her that his son was lost, and that there's not much more to tell. She wonders if he's loved anyone else since this occurred, and it isn't long before the two of them share a passionate kiss of true love. This kiss begins to return Rumple's skin to normal, robbing him of his magic, and so he quickly stops. Belle tells him that it was working and that true love's kiss can break any curse, even his, but this leads him to wonder who told her this. He soon realizes that this was Regina's attempt to rob him of his powers, as the Queen conversed with Belle when she left the castle, but his maid continues to try to convince him that her love is true. She asks why he won't believe her, and he exclaims that no one could ever love him, proceeding to throw the girl back into her old room in the dungeons. He then goes into a fit of rage and begins smashing up his belongings; he throws his tea set at the wall, smashing each cup, but stops short of the one that Belle chipped, which he keeps around. Later, he lets her go, telling her that she's free and that his power means more to him than her, but she refutes this, saying that he just doesn't think she can love him; but now he's made his choice and he's going to regret it forever, and all he'll have is an empty heart and a chipped cup. A while later, Regina stops by to ask Rumple for a favor, but notices how upset he is. She wonders if it's about the girl she met on the road, and proceeds to tell him that when Belle returned home, she was tortured for her association with the Dark One and ended up throwing herself from a tower, dying. When the Queen leaves, Rumple knocks a previously prized possession off of a pedestal and places Belle's chipped cup in its place: now his most treasured item. ("Skin Deep")

116 27
Rumplestiltskin bottles true love. ("Heart of Darkness")

After taking Rumple's potion, Snow White becomes angry all the time as her love has been extracted. The seven dwarfs hold an intervention for her and request that she go back to the man who sold her the potion - Rumplestiltskin. Snow returns to Rumplestiltskin to ask him for an antidote for the potion her gave her, however, he tells her that no such antidote exists. Snow does not much care and goes on to ask Rumple for something that will help her kill the Queen. Rumple is much too happy to oblige and gives Snow and bow and arrow which never misses. Snow takes these graciously. Later, Rumplestiltskin is visited by Prince Charming who asks the whereabouts of Snow. Rumple refuses to give him any information unless he gets something out of it. Charming asks the Dark One what he wants and Rumple requests Charming's cape, Charming wonders what he wants with his cape, but Rumple refuses to provide a proper answer. Charming gives Rumple his cape and Rumple gives Snow's whereabouts, explaining that if she is successful in her mission to kill the Queen, her heart will become as dark as the woman she kills. Charming quests to stop this from happening. Soon, Rumple is seen extracting hairs from Charming's cape and combining them with Snow's which he collected in exchange for the potion. Magic ensues between the hairs and Rumplestiltskin finally bottles true love - the most powerful magic of all. ("Heart of Darkness")

After the CurseEdit

Season 3Edit

301 20
Neal and his new aid, Mulan, meet Robin Hood. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer")

Mulan accompanies Neal to Rumplestiltskin's castle in hopes of finding a way to communicate with those in Storybrooke. On their way, Mulan wonders why Emma never mentioned Neal when she was in the Enchanted Forest, so he explains that he broke her heart. When they arrive at the castle, they run into Robin Hood, who claims the castle to be his own. Neal introduces himself as Rumple's son and allows Robin ownership of the castle, but asks to find something first. When he eventually finds a crystal ball, he tries to use it to communicate with Emma, but he's unable to use it. Mulan gives him advice, and it finally works, but he's horrified to discover she's in Neverland. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer")

303 03
Neal looks for a way back to Neverland. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

Robin and Mulan remain with Neal in Rumplestiltskin's Dark Castle, as he frantically looks for a way to make a portal amongst his father's magical possessions. He becomes angry when he's unable to find anything, and when Robin Hood's Merry Men sense disturbance, they enter the castle. Robin assures them that he's okay, and Neal is surprised to see that Robin has a young son named Roland, which gives him an idea. When Neal tells the archer that he'd like to use his son as bait for Peter Pan's shadow, Robin initially refuses, but Neal then reminds him that his father spared his life, meaning that Marian and Roland were able to survive. Due to his need to repay his debt to Rumple, thinking he can do it through Baelfire, Robin agrees to let Neal use Roland as bait under the assurance that his son remain safe. Robin, Neal and Mulan hide whilst Roland utters the phrase "I believe..." which causes the shadow to burst through the window. It attempts to take Roland but Mulan fends it off, allowing Neal to hitch a ride to Neverland and find his own son, as well as his true love. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

Before the Second CurseEdit

Bae 315
Soon after being resurrected, Rumple tries his best to save the life of his son. ("Quiet Minds")

Neal and Belle head to Rumple's old castle together in order to find a way to resurrect the Dark One, and Belle thinks the way to go about this is to inspect the rather extensive library, for there could be books on the subject. One the way, Neal discovers that the key chain necklace he stole for Emma survived the curse, and Belle points out that it's because it was born out of true love. They light a candle to help them see better in the library, but to their surprise, the candlestick begins talking. Suddenly, a face forms out of the fire, and the mysterious being introduces itself as Lumière, explaining that he was trapped in this form by Rumplestiltskin when he was unable to uphold his end of a deal and can only come out when his candles are lit. He helps the pair of them, when they say Rumple will be able to reverse what was done to him, by showing them a large book in which a key is kept: the key to the Vault of the Dark One, where the very first Dark One was made. ("Quiet Minds")

Rumple 319
Rumple offers up some information. ("A Curious Thing")

The insane Rumple is locked in a cage within his own castle, having been given nothing but a spinning wheel by Zelena, his captor. One day, Snow White, Prince Charming, Queen Regina, Robin Hood and Belle break in so that they may talk to him and learn how to defeat the Wicked Witch, but he is unable to keep up a coherent conversation. Belle tries talking to him, thinking she can get through o her true love, and contact with her allows Rumple to think straight for a moment. He tells Snow and the others that Zelena can be defeated with light magic, which they'll find by meeting Glinda, the Good Witch of the South. They wonder if she's in Oz, but Rumple reveals otherwise, saying that she was banished to the north. Events transpire and Snow White casts a Dark Curse over the Enchanted Forest so that they may return to Emma and use her magic to defeat Zelena, who alters the curse to her own suiting and devises a memory potion to drink once she's in Storybrooke so that she'll remember what she's setting out to do. She offers Rumple a spare vial and he prepares to drink it, however, at that moment, Neal emerges from his body and sends the the potion to Captain Hook via dove, so that he may give it to Emma. Neal then returns to Rumplestiltskin's unconscious body and the Dark One lays there whilst the new curse washes over. ("A Curious Thing")

After the Second CurseEdit

Season 3Edit

Belle 321
Belle meets and greets Rumple's guests from the future. ("Snow Drifts")

Hook and Emma inadvertently fall down said portal and end up in the Enchanted Forest of the past, and go to Rumplestiltskin to see if he can help get them back to the future. When in his Dark Castle, Belle walks in to ask her master if there's any more cleaning to be done, and Emma is awed to see a past version of her. Belle, not having realized Rumple had company, asks the blonde if they know each other, but Rumple interrupts, telling his maid to go read a book, or whatever it is she does, and come back later for instructions. She points out that he could talk to her more politely, and he points out in turn that he could turn her into a toad; she leaves, and Emma remarks that it's hard to believe that the two of them fall for each other. Rumple remains skeptical when this prediction is made. ("Snow Drifts")

Emma 322
Emma reveals the truth about Neal, soon before going home. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Emma and Hook manage to set time right again by getting Snow and Charming to fall in love and so they return to Rumplestiltskin, who's making a forgetting potion so that he can forget all he's learned about his future, however, he reveals that the wand he planned to use to get them back to the future will only work for the ones who used the portal - but neither of them have magic. Instead, he locks them up in the room full of magical artifacts he doesn't understand, but Emma manages to re-harness her magical abilities and open a portal. Just as she's about to go through it, Rumple grabs her and demands to know what happens to his son. She reveals that he died, much to his dismay, but assures him that she loved him too and that she must let her go so that Baelfire's sacrifice wasn't in vain. Rumple lets her go and drinks the forgetting potion, not remembering why he's even where he is. ("There's No Place Like Home")