This article focuses on the Enchanted Forest location, the Dark Palace. For a similarily named location, see Dark Castle.
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The Dark Palace, formerly known as the Summer Palace, is an Enchanted Forest location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the second episode of the first season.


Before the CurseEdit

Eva 318
Princess Eva eavesdrops on Cora and Jonathan. ("Bleeding Through")

Prince Leopold was betrothed to at birth to Princess Eva. The day before meeting in person, Leopold runs into a woman named Cora. She has just been robbed by the castle's gardener, Jonathan. Leopold has Cora stays at the palace with him. They bond as they walk through the woods together and Leopold reveals that he is betrothed to Princess Eva, who he hasn't met yet, but he'd rather take Cora for a bride, and she encourages him to do so, reminding him of his power. Later, Jonathan finds Cora at the garden, admiring the gold engagement ring that Leopold gave her, and he figures that the prince doesn't know about the child she's carrying. He demands that Cora give him as much gold as she can spare or he'll tell Leopold the truth, and she agrees to do so. Little does Cora know that Princess Eva heard the entire conversation. Later, Cora is gathering money in the great hall when she's stumbled upon by Leopold, who's heard a rumor that she is with child. Cora insists that this is a lie, but Eva steps out and denounces her, explaining that she overheard her rendezvous with Jonathan earlier. Cora is taken away by guards and goes on to give birth back at her village, but she abandons her daughter in the woods and the baby is carried away by a magical cyclone. Leopold goes on to marry Princess Eva, and together they have a daughter, Snow White. ("Bleeding Through")

Snow 215
Snow White stands before her subjects at her mother's funeral. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Snow White and her mother, Queen Eva, are overseeing final preparations for Snow's royal birthday party when her mother wants to show her the special present she will be giving her on the day - a tiara. When Eva goes to show it to Snow, they find Johanna, the maid, trying it on, causing Snow to scold her. However, Eva reminds Snow that she raised her better than that, saying that she's not better than anyone just because she's royal. Soon, Eva collapses in a coughing fit and is taken to bed where a royal doctor diagnosis that she is dying. In fear of Eva's life coming to an end, Johanna tells Snow that if she wishes upon the blue star, she shall be met by a fairy who will grant her a wish, so long that her heart is true. That night, Snow goes out into the woods and is met by the Blue Fairy, who tells the girl that cheating death is something beyond good magic. Snow begs for a solution and the Blue Fairy gives her a candle, one of dark magic, and asks her to keep it a secret. Snow agrees and Blue explains that once the candle is lit, a life will be taken in exchange for Snow's mother. Not being able to take anyone's life, Snow apologizes to her mother for not saving her life, however, Eva tells her daughter that she is proud as she did the right thing. Snow later attends Eva's funeral and stays longer than anyone else, when she is taken out by Johanna, it is revealed that when the Blue Fairy gave Snow the candle, it was in fact Cora, a dark sorceress, in disguise, and it was also her who poisoned Eva, leading to her death. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Queen Regina 202
Regina stands up to her mother. ("We Are Both")

During the build up to her wedding to King Leopold, Regina tries to leave on her horse, but a barrier spell conjured by her mother stops her. Cora tells Regina that she cannot leave unless she is accompanied by Leopold. Later, while brushing Snow White's hair, she finds a necklace given to her by Daniel. When she asks where it came from, Regina imagines revealing her hatred to Snow and strangles her, however, in reality she says she doesn't know. Regina later reveals her growing hatred to her father and she asks how her mother became the way she is. He tells her of a man who gave her the book of spells and taught her the dark arts. Regina steals the spell book off her mother and summons the owner, Rumplestiltskin. He reveals that they have met before when she was younger. Regina seeks help from Rumple, so he gives her a portal to an "annoying world", to which she can banish her mother. During a fitting for her wedding dress, Regina uses magic against her mother to push her through the portal. Regina seeks Rumple to return the spell book, but he lets her keep it and convinces her to let him teach her the dark arts, as she loves using magic. ("We Are Both")

Queen Regina 316
Zelena attempts to assassinate the queen. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

When a magical woman named Zelena from a land named Oz discovers that she is adopted, she decides to seek help from the Wizard of Oz to find out the truth about her parents. The wizard reveals to Zelena that she is the daughter of Cora, but she was given up as a baby because she couldn't give her what she wanted...royalty. The wizard then reveals that Cora has another daughter, Regina, who became queen and began taking magic lessons from Rumplestiltskin. Using magic slippers, Zelena teleports herself to Regina's castle and she meets Rumple. After confirming she is the daughter of Cora, Rumlple begins teaching her as he thinks she may be the one to cast the Dark Curse. However, Rumple continues to train Regina, making Zelena jealous and her skin starts to turn green. Zelena finds Regina in her bedroom and stabs her, but it turns out to be Rumple in disguise. He refuses to continue training Zelena after realizing he is the thing she loves most...and that is something she'd have to give up to enact the curse. After revealing he'll continue to train Regina, Zelena takes herself back to Oz and asks the wizard to change the past. The wizard turns out to be a fraud, so Zelena turns him into a flying monkey. As her skin fully becomes green, she angrily states that she'll make it so Regina was never born. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

205 15
"Take your pick..." ("The Doctor")

Soon after, Rumplestiltskin begins to teach Regina the ways of the dark arts. She seems to be learning the arts well, but when she's asked to kill an innocent unicorn, she refuses, disappointing her master. When asked what's holding her back, she later visits the preserved corpse of Daniel, unwilling to let go of him. When she's later asked why she wants to learn the dark arts, she tells Rumple, after much hesitation, that she wants to bring Daniel back from the dead. Rumple tells her that is isn't possible, as dead is dead. He then refuses to teach her anymore so long as she lives in the past. After Regina witnesses a conversation between Rumple and a man named Jefferson, Jefferson offers to help her bring back her beloved with help from Viktor Frankenstein, a man from another realm. They later visit the man whom examines Daniel's condition, stating it's ideal for his experimental procedure. He tells Regina he hasn't yet been successful as none of the hearts he uses are strong enough. The three visit Cora's vault and take one of the many magical hearts she has stored. Later on, as Dr. Frankenstein performs the procedure on Daniel, Regina and Jefferson watch from outside. However, the procedure fails and Frankenstein claims the heart wasn't strong enough. Regina is devastated and finally says goodbye to Daniel, realizing he can't be brought back. Regina finds Rumpelstiltskin teaching a new apprentice, so to prove she's now ready to learn, she rips out the apprentices heart and crushes it, killing her. It is later revealed the failed procedure was faked to make Regina finally able to move on. ("The Doctor")

303 05
Rumple tells Regina the darkness likes the taste of her. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

As Regina dines quietly to herself, she is approached by Rumplestiltskin, who points out that she didn't come for her magic lesson. Regina begins to reconsider the lessons, stating she doesn't want a dark future. She adds that she needs freedom as she’s trapped in a loveless marriage and living with a stepdaughter she despises. However, Rumple tells her that her fate is sealed to be dark. Later, an upset Regina goes to her bedroom balcony and bangs on the railing, but she ends up falling to the ground, however, she’s saved by a fairy named Tinker Bell. The next day, Regina tells Tinker Bell of her lost love and loveless marriage, so the fairy vows to help her new friend find love. Regina isn't so sure about this, so Tinker Bell asks her to believe in her. Tinker Bell steals pixie dust and visits Regina, asking if she wants to fly with her. The reluctant queen finally accepts, and the two fly across Neverland, following a trail of pixie dust to Regina’s apparent true love. The trail takes them both to a tavern, where Tink points out that man with a lion tattoo is her true love. She then leaves the queen to it; however, Regina becomes afraid and decides to not talk to the man. Tinker Bell later visits Regina to find out how her meeting with her love went, but Regina lies and said it went horribly, calling her a bad fairy. Tink notices Regina was afraid, but the queen insists she wasn't before telling Tink to leave. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

Queen Regina 111
Regina manipulates the Genie into setting her free. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

One day, King Leopold returns to his palace accompanied by the Genie, someone Regina finds to be a way out of her loveless marriage. During the King's birthday speech, Regina is upset when he comments on his love for Snow and his late wife. The Genie attempts to cheer her up by giving her a mirror so she can see herself as the fairest in the land. During the next few nights, Regina writes in her diary how she had found love again, but this is unfortunately found by the king and she's locked up in her room. She requests aid from her father, who gives the Genie a box of Agrabahn vipers to take to Regina. As she prepares to kill herself using the snakes to escape her pain, he offers to kill the king instead. He does just this and uses the snakes to kill King Leopold. When the Genie comes to give Regina the news, she explains how the vipers were found and the Genie is being accused of the murder. He realizes he was set up, so Regina drops her act and explains she never loved him, she just used him. To punish Regina, the Genie uses his wish given to him by Leopold to be forever by Regina's side. He thus becomes trapped in any mirror near Regina for all eternity. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

Queen Regina 107
Regina asks the Huntsman to kill Snow White. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

Regina uses the Magic Mirror to find someone suitable to kill Snow White and he suggests she recruit the Huntsman. Regina has her guards bring the huntsman to her and she makes a deal with him; if the Huntsman kills Snow White, the killing of wolves in the kingdom will be outlawed. He agrees. Whilst the huntsman goes into the forest to kill Snow, Regina changes her palace to look dark. When the huntsman is finally given the chance to kill Snow, he cannot bring himself to kill her. He instead kills a deer and then brings this heart to Regina as proof. As Regina is about to place Snow's heart in her heart vault, she realizes it isn't a human heart and discovers she had been deceived. Angered by this betrayal, Regina drives her hand into the Huntsman's chest, taking out his heart so that he will never feel again. As Regina squeezes the Huntsman's heart, she tells him that he is now forever her pet and that he will share her bed with her whenever she chooses. Regina warns him that he will never cross her again, and if he does, she would kill him. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

117 16
Regina and Jefferson jump through the hat. ("Hat Trick")

Intending to rescue her father, Henry, from the Queen of Hearts, Regina requests Jefferson's assistance in helping to travel to another world with the power of his magic hat. Despite being retired, Jefferson agrees to the task in exchange for riches to provide his daughter, Grace, with a fulfilling childhood. Arriving at her castle, he pulls the hat out of a box and spins it on the ground. It transforms into a large vortex, to which they hold hands and jump in together. After freeing Henry, the Queen tricks Jefferson and entraps him in the other world while returning to the Enchanted Forest with her father. ("Hat Trick")

306 13
Regina gets an idea. ("Ariel")

The Queen, Regina, spies on Snow White and Ariel at the Under the Sea celebration honoring the sea goddess Ursula. To kill two birds with one stone, she disguises herself as Ursula in order to tempt Ariel with a magic bracelet that can help her remain human, so she can be with her prince, Eric, but only if someone takes her place as mermaid. As Regina had hoped, Ariel clasps the bracelet on Snow White; making the princess helpless with a new-found tail. However, when Ariel discovers the manipulation, she distracts Regina long enough to escape with Snow White. The Queen gets back at Ariel by stealing her voice, and later returns to her palace. In one of the mirrors, Ursula makes herself known and plunges out her tentacles to entrap the Queen. Deeply offended at the masquerading ploy, she threatens if it happens again, the Queen will find out exactly how real Ursula is. ("Ariel")

109 20
Regina gets her hands on a poison apple. ("True North")

Whilst riding through the Enchanted Forest one day, Regina kidnaps a Woodcutter and when his children, Hansel and Gretel, come looking for him, she makes a deal with them. She offers to help find their father if they will retrieve something for her. She takes them to the house of the Blind Witch, a house made of sweets, and explains to them that they need to retrieve something that will help her defeat a powerful enemy. She tells them that no matter how tempted they are, they cannot eat anything in the house. After a death defying experience, the children manage to escape with the item, a poisoned red apple. Impressed, Regina offers for the children to come and live with her, but they refuse, calling her a horrible person. She then banishes Hansel and Gretel to the middle of the forest and she tells their father, whom she had imprisoned in her castle, that they can be together when they find each other. ("True North")

121 10
Regina reveals her special brand of punishment for Snow. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

As Prince Charming is about to be beheaded by King George, the execution is called off when Queen Regina arrives and makes a trade with the King. She promises to make the Prince suffer. In the dungeons of the Dark Palace, we see Charming sitting glumly in his cell with shackles binding his wrists. Regina is seen approaching with armed knights either side of her, however, when she reaches the prince's cell, she tells the knights to leave the two of them alone, and they oblige. She opens to cell door with magic and walks inside, causing Charming to ask what it is she wants. Regina merely looks the prince up and down, touching his chest with her hand and saying that she supposes she sees the allure. Charming angrily bats her hand away and Regina wonders if he will be quite so incorruptible after his precious Snow is gone. Charming requests that, whatever Snow has done to the queen, she let her live and take his life instead. Regina asks who said anything about taking her life, telling Charming that she has a far more satisfying brand of punishment for Snow. She smiles, walking out of the cell and retrieving something from the pouch in her hand, she lifts the object up so that Prince Charming can see that it's a poisonous apple, one she plans on feeding Snow. He quickly attempts the run out of his cell but Regina quickly shuts the cell door via magic, preventing him and smiling to herself as she leaves the dungeon with a cackle. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

122 01
All hope seems lost for Snow. ("A Land Without Magic")

When Prince Charming is captured by Regina, he's taken to be executed, but he manages to escape from the guards. As he runs away, he's stopped by the huntsman, who is disguised as a guard. The Huntsman shoots a guard chasing Charming and then reveals himself to the prince as a "friend". As he removes Charming's handcuffs, he explains that the queen was travelling to meet Snow and claims her fate is in a precarious place. The Huntsman provides Charming with some weapons and allows him to escape. Confused, Charming asks if he isn't coming, so the Huntsman explains that he can't because he gave away his heart so the Queen would spare Snow's. He asks for his sacrifice to not be in vain and tells the prince to find Snow. Later on, the Huntsman reveals to Regina that Charming escaped. She threatens his life, but the Huntsman promises that he'll take care of the situation as he'll find him. However, with that, Regina tells him that won't be necessary and she banishes the prince, using her magic mirrors, to the Infinite Forest. ("A Land Without Magic")

302 07
Oh no she didn't. ("Lost Girl")

As Regina tends to her apple tree in the garden of the Dark Palace, she is approached by Claude, who is carrying the Magic Mirror. She is infuriated to have been disturbed, but the Mirror explains that she hasn't been yet, and then shows her images of Charming and Snow together, having woke the latter up. When Snow tells her prince to take back the kingdom, Regina evilly says that they’ll see about that. Regina visits the small village and tries to defeat Snow on two occasions. She fails both times. She then teleports back to her castle, causing everyone to cheer and celebrate. ("Lost Girl")

210 26
"I have a wedding to get to." ("The Cricket Game")

Within the Dark Palace, Queen Regina stares at her evil self in one of her mirrors as the shot pans to reveal Henry, her father, enter the room, telling his daughter that she has a visitor. She coldly asks "Who?", before being greeted with a familiar voice behind her, wondering if she needs to ask. She turns to see Rumplestiltskin who asks her what other friends she has. She angrily tells him that he's no friend, suggesting that he's there to vanquish her suffering, but he tells her that he thought she could do with someone to help raise her spirits, especially "on a day like today". She asks him what's so special about today and he stands up to inform her of Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding, "of course". He asks her if she got an invitation but the Queen remains silent, he goes on to say that he didn't either, still, nice to be able to see them declare their true love in front of the entire kingdom. He walks closer to Regina as he assures her that they got a happy ending after all. Regina begrudgingly says that because of him, there's nothing she can do to stop it. She walks away from Rumple, stating that there's no way to harm them in this land ever again. He points out that he supposes that's true... in this land. The Queen stops and turns to Rumple who explains that the deal he made was explicit, she can never harm them in this land, but were she to bring them to another land, that'd be a different matter. Regina grins wickedly as Rumple leans into her and says, "I told you I was your friend," before disappearing in an array of purple smoke. "Father!" Regina calls, alerting Henry back into the room. "Bring my carriage," she requests. "I have a wedding to get to." ("The Cricket Game")

Queen Regina 102
Regina must sacrifice the thing she loves most. ("The Thing You Love Most")

After transporting out of the wedding ceremony, Regina takes the Dark Curse from Maleficent, her best friend, by threatening to kill her beloved pet Unicorn. Regina attempts to enact the Dark Curse. However, she finds out that it didn't work the way it was supposed to because she had to sacrifice the heart from the thing she loved most. As Regina fumes around her castle, her father suggests asking Rumplestiltskin for help. She does so, and visits Rumple in his prison cell. He tells her to sacrifice the thing she loves most, but Regina explains she killed her best steed. Rumple angrily tells her that isn't good enough and tells her to sacrifice the thing she loves most. She is counselled by her father, and she tells him about her meeting with Rumplestiltskin. He realizes that he is the thing she loves most and tries to persuade her out of killing him, but she thrusts her hand into his chest and she removes his heart as she whispers an apology. He drops the floor, dead. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Queen Regina 209
Regina seeks help from Captain Hook. ("Queen of Hearts")

Now knowing that she can enact the Dark Curse, Regina seeks out to kill her mother, Cora, before she enacts it. When Captain Hook breaks into Regina's palace, he finds Belle's cell and attempts to kill her when deciding she's useless. However, Regina stops him, claiming Belle is a valuable chess piece. She reveals that she knows who he is and why he's come from Neverland. She then claims to be able to help kill Rumplestiltskin if he does something for her. A short while later, Regina reveals her plans to enact the Dark Curse and says it'll take everyone to a land without magic, so Hook will be able to kill Rumple. Regina tells Hook that he'll have to kill someone she doesn't want following her to the new land, her mother Cora. She prepares Hook by enchanting his hook so it can rip out a heart and then sends him to Wonderland via Jefferson's hat to kill Cora. When Hook arrives in Wonderland, he decides to work with Cora, so when he brings back her body, she only acts dead as Regina mourns her. She tells her mother that love is weakness and she doesn't want any weakness in the new world. ("Queen of Hearts")

Before the Second CurseEdit

Zelena 312
"Wicked always wins." ("New York City Serenade")

After the return of the inhabitants of Storybrooke and their departure to the Dark Palace, Aurora warns her husband that they have to tell "her" that they've returned. Phillip says that "she" will be furious if she finds out, but Aurora reminds him that the woman would take it out on their child if she suspected they hid anything from her. Later, Regina and Snow are attacked by a Flying Monkey in the forest. Regina throws a fireball at the creature but it dodges the blast and grabs Regina. It tries to fly off with her but Snow grabs her ally and drags her back to the ground. Finally, the two women are saved by Robin Hood. When the group arrive at the Dark Palace, they are surprised to learn that it's surrounded by a protection spell - one that wasn't cast by Regina - meaning someone else is currently inside. Indeed, the flying monkey that attacked Regina arrives at the queen's castle and gives a drop of Regina's blood to his mistress. After doing so, the Wicked Witch of the West mixes the blood with a potion. Then, she smiles in triumph and says that she will finally get her revenge against Regina. ("New York City Serenade")

Queen Regina 313
Regina forms a sibling rivalry. ("Witch Hunt")

Regina is depressed thinking about Henry and Snow attempts to comfort her, to little result. Regina soon tells her and Charming about a series of tunnels that run beneath the palace through which she may be able to get in. After a flying monkey attacks again, leading everyone to realize they're up against the Wicked Witch of the West, and Regina rescues Robin Hood's son, Roland, from the beast, the Queen sets off and accesses the secret entrance to the tunnels. However, she is ignored to find out that she's been followed by Robin, who figures he owes her a dept. The two of them navigate through the booby trapped tunnels together, during which time Regina learns that Robin is a widower, and the Queen is shocked to see that her blood-locked crypt has been opened, which is absolutely impossible. She and Robin soon make it upstairs where Regina begins concocting something with magical ingredients. Worried, Robin threatens her until she tells her what she's making, and she admits to be forming a sleeping curse to use on herself so that Henry will be the one to wake her up, for he is the only reason she'd want to wake up anyway, thinking she can avoid the pain of losing him by sleeping. Robin tries to talk her out of it, but she freezes him to the spot and heads to the courtyard where the protection spell is being cast. She disarms it, meaning the Charmings and their crew can make it inside, and is about to curse herself when she's approached by the Wicked Witch, known as Zelena. Regina is shocked to learn that Zelena is Cora's other daughter, meaning the two of them are half-sisters, which is how she broke the blood-lock. The Wicked Witch flies away on her broomstick after a hostile confrontation. Regina then returns to Robin Hood and unfreezes him, saying that she decided not to curse herself because she found something to live fore; something that she hasn't had for a very long time: someone to destroy. ("Witch Hunt")

Snow 314
Snow White announces her pregnancy. ("The Tower")

After spending about three months living in her old palace, Snow tells Charming some very good news indeed: she's pregnant. He is stunned by this and doesn't react very positively, leading Snow to ask him if he's happy. He says that he isn't happy, he's thrilled, and the two of them share a hug. However, Charming still appears worried, leading him to go on a quest for a root that vanquishes all fear, being afraid that he'll fail this child the way he failed Emma. On this venture, he comes across Rapunzel, who was on the same quest when she became locked in a tower, and realizes what eating this root really means, helping the fair princess to face the physical embodiment of her fears. He returns with the Rapunzel, going on to reunite her with her royal parents, and Snow asks her prince what he was doing out in the woods all night. He admits to being afraid, and she realizes that it's because they lost Emma and he fears losing their next baby, but Snow assures him that everything will be okay because they'll be raising this child the same way they do everything else: together. ("The Tower")

Belle 319
Belle returns, with big news. ("A Curious Thing")

Hidden beneath a hooded cloak on horseback, Belle stealthily returns to the royal palace where she tells Snow and the others that Rumple has been resurrected, but Neal had to sacrifice his own life in order to achieve such a feat, and now Zelena holds the dagger, meaning she controls the Dark One. Eight months later, Belle sits on the royal council as it's decided what's to be done about the threat Zelena poses to Snow's unborn child, and everyone agrees that they must talk to Rumplestiltskin, who remains a prisoner in his own castle. Belle tags along, and when Rumple is found spinning at the wheel within a small cage, it is realized that he's been driven completely insane. Thinking she'll be able to get through to him, Belle approaches the cage and holds her true love's hand through it, begging to know how to defeat the Wicked Witch, and Rumple reveals that they need to find Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, who specializes in light magic. With Rumple's information, Snow, Charming and Regina are able to find Glinda, however, they discover that only the light magic that resides within Emma Swan is powerful enough to defeat Zelena. To get back to her, they re-enact the Dark Curse to return everyone back to Storybrooke, but Zelena drops a forgetting potion into the mixture which means that no one will remember the entire year spent back in the Enchanted Forest. ("A Curious Thing")

After the Second CurseEdit

Head Troll 322
Dead again. ("There's No Place Like Home")

After Emma and Hook fall through a time portal back to the Enchanted Forest and Emma has a misunderstanding with Regina, "Princess Leia" is thrown into a cell beside Marian whilst Regina remains in her throne room. Emma manages to escape, letting Marian free also, as Snow sneaks upstairs in an attempt to assassinate the Queen. Regina is surprised that Snow is so dumb as to sneak back into her own castle, but supposes she was dumb enough to lose it in the first place. Snow threatens the Queen with dark fairy dust, but Regina quickly nullifies the threat, before ordering that Snow be tied to a stake and burned. Emma and the others witness Snow's death, but it's soon revealed that she managed to escape using the dust on herself, having transformed into a ladybug and flown away. The Queen is furious when she finds out, going on to use the sample of dust that Snow earlier tried to use on her on a group of trolls who failed to kill the bandit. She steps on them, and tells one of her guards that that's what happens to people who fail her; she then vows to destroy Snow's happiness, if it is the last thing she does. ("There's No Place Like Home")


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.