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Granny's Diner is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the second episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time.


During First CurseEdit

One night, a man, Kurt, is camping in the woods with his son, Owen. It's nearly time for dinner when a massive and dangerous storm passes over their camp site. They take cover in their tent, and in the morning, Kurt's car is crushed by a tree trunk. Taking supplies, they use a map to hike to the nearest highway, but before they can, Owen spots a town in the near distance. Kurt can't believe the sight because they drove through the same area yesterday, which was completely barren. They go into the town, Storybrooke, and are taken to the diner by the sheriff, Graham, where they meet the mayor, Regina. Learning they will be rooming in town until Kurt's car is fixed, Regina becomes bothered by the outsiders' presence. While she excuses her to speak privately with Graham, Granny, the owner of the town's only bed and breakfast, arranges to have a guest room for them. That night, Regina returns to the diner to speak with Kurt. Noticing Owen is in her seat, Regina asks him to move, but he refuses, so she takes the seat next to him. She notifies Kurt that she gave orders for his car to be fixed within a week. Finished for the evening, Kurt motions to Owen that it's time to leave the diner. On the way out, Owen gives Regina a little present for allowing him to sit in her seat, which she is touched by. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Longing for more meaning in her life, Regina heads to a Boston agency and adopts a child. She names the boy Henry as her father's namesake and brings him home. One morning, she is unable to stop his insistent crying in the diner. Granny advises that soothing a child with a bedtime story works, which Regina attempts, but Henry ends up vomiting on her clothes. ("Save Henry")

Twenty-eight years later, Emma steps into Storybrooke, and decides to stay in town for a week. The morning after, she goes to the diner. There, she is given a free cinnamon hot chocolate by Ruby, Granny's granddaughter, who works as a waitress at the diner. Ruby states she has an admirer, to which Emma looks behind to see Sheriff Graham sitting in a booth. Emma approaches him and says she is flattered, but is not in town to flirt. Sheriff Graham corrects her and says he did not send over the hot chocolate. Instead, Henry admits he sent it over, and then insists Emma walk him to school, which she does. ("The Thing You Love Most")

During an evening date at the diner, Dr. Whale jokingly remarks to Mary Margaret that he heard she wants fifteen kids. Shocked, Mary Margaret denies it and states she is only a teacher to fifteen children. She does, however, go on to express a desire to get married and have children in the future. She stops herself from speaking upon realizing Dr. Whale is not listening to her. Instead, Mary Margaret notices he has been ogling Ruby. Unhappily, she asks for the check as Ruby passes, and the date ends on a bad note. The next day, Mary Margaret is asked by Emma, per Henry's request, to read the Snow White fairytale to a hospital coma patient, John Doe, as the boy believes she is Snow White and the man is Prince Charming. She agrees, as Emma wants to help Henry realize on his own that fairytales aren't real, and they agree to meet at the diner for a full report. From a book, Mary Margaret reads the story, and John Doe, while still unconscious, grabs her hand. Though Dr. Whale can find nothing amiss, she hurries to the diner the next morning to inform Emma and Henry what happened. Mary Margaret believes she got through to John Doe somehow, and she and Henry hurry back to the hospital as an astonished Emma trails behind. ("Snow Falls")

Emma walks Henry to the bus for school, and afterwards heads into the diner for some cinnamon hot chocolate. Regina strolls in and asks how her walk with Henry was. She lets Emma know she no longer feels threatened by her presence in Storybrooke. Regina explains this is so because she knows Emma never stays anywhere too long, and cannot change even for Henry. After Regina is gone, Emma spills hot chocolate on her shirt and goes into the diner's laundry room to wash it and change into another outfit. There, she meets Ashley, a young woman who is pregnant and due to give birth soon. She is very distraught since no one believes in her abilities to take care of a baby. Emma urges Ashley to decide on her own if she wants to change her life, and then do it. Taking the advice literally, Ashley breaks into Mr. Gold's pawnshop to steal back her baby's adoption papers. Afterwards, she pepper sprays Mr. Gold and seemingly disappears. He enlists Emma's help to find Ashley. Emma's efforts to look for her all lead to dead ends. She talks to Ruby at the diner and eventually figures out Ruby gave Ashley her car to flee town. ("The Price of Gold")

While Mary Margaret is at the diner, Dr. Whale shows up and asks if she quit the volunteer position at the hospital because of him. He leaves just as Regina shows up to talk to Mary Margaret about David. She tells Mary Margaret that she and David do not belong together. Regina mentions David left his wife, Kathryn, and Mary Margaret should stay away from him due to the fragile state he's in, and because she is close to destroying many lives. However, Mary Margaret later meets David in private after he makes clear of his intent to be with her. In the end, he dumps her; citing that his marriage is more important. Heartbroken, Mary Margaret sits alone at the diner when approached by Dr. Whale. After a bit of prodding, she reluctantly asks if he ever went into a situation in which he knew will have a negative impact, but does it anyway only to regret the outcome. Quickly, Dr. Whale says no; prompting Mary Margaret to ask how he can do that. Dr. Whale states he'd rather not do what is expected because it keeps life "interesting". He then offers to buy her a drink, to which she replies, "You can buy me two." ("The Shepherd")

The night after Emma sees Graham sneaking out of Regina's house and realizes he and the mayor are having an affair, she begins to avoid him. Hoping to grab an evening nightcap, she walks into the diner in time to see Graham very drunk and throwing darts. Emma turns to leave, and he purposely throws a dart that hits the wall right next to her. Afterward, he follows her out and kisses her. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

Following Graham's sudden and unexpected death, Sidney Glass runs for Sheriff. Emma fights for the job as well. A suspicious fire breaks out that nearly kills both Emma and Regina; with the evidence perpetuating Mr. Gold was the suspect who started the fire. At the election debate, Emma makes a promising and honest speech to the townspeople, and openly accuses Mr. Gold for what he did. This makes a strong impression on the townspeople since Emma is not afraid of standing up to Mr. Gold. Later, Emma glumly retreats to the diner with the expectation she lost the election when Regina and Sidney walk in to congratulate her as the new sheriff. ("Desperate Souls")

Mary Margaret, in her growing infatuation with David, has been going to the diner daily at 7:15 A.M. when he also comes in to get coffee for he and his wife, Kathryn. She admits to Emma that she cannot stop thinking about him, and has been watching him frequently from a distance.

Meanwhile, Regina is bothered by a stranger's appearance in Storybrooke, and the fact this man was speaking to Henry. She sends Emma to find out more information about him. Emma approaches the stranger in the diner one day. She questions him about the box he carries around. The man is amused and says not knowing would drive someone crazy. He allows her to see what is in the box on the condition he buys her a drink. A typewriter is revealed to be in the box. He claims to be a writer. As he leaves, Emma asks about the drink he was going to buy her. He says, "Sometime."

Despite the growing attraction between Mary Margaret and David, she decides to stop going to the diner at the usual time. The day she is at the diner on her own time, David happens to walk in. Once he sees Mary Margaret, he walks out. Confused, she follows him out. Mary Margaret asks what he is doing here. David says he was trying to avoid her. She admits to doing the same. They share a kiss, and unbeknownst to them, Regina is watching nearby. ("7:15 A.M.")

Stopping into the diner, newest town guest approaches Henry, who questions him on why he has come to Storybrooke. The man declines to give an answer. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

On Valentine's Day, David is reading a book at the diner. Mary Margaret happens to notice it's a book she has read before and they share a brief conversation about it. Ruby notices their banter and offers to push their tables together, but both parties quickly decline. Soon, Emma arrives to join Mary Margaret's table. As they talk, Ashley walks in with her daughter, handing her over to Granny, and pulls up a seat near Emma and Mary Margaret as she tells them how things are going with Sean. Ruby invites the three women for a girls' night at the Rabbit Hole, but Emma is too busy with sheriff business to attend. ("Skin Deep")

The same stranger, who Henry previously spoke to, bumps into Emma and he asks her out for a drink. When Emma asks him what his name is, he introduces himself as August Booth. August asks her to meet him outside of the diner later. ("What Happened to Frederick")

One morning, Leroy is eating breakfast when Walter and Mr. Clark show up asking him to move, which he refuses to do. Mary Margaret enters announcing Miner's Day and asking for people to help her to sell candles, but everyone is still angry about her affair with David and they turn away. She asks Leroy if he would help, but he insults her by stating that she is the only person in town that people like less than him. ("Dreamy")

During her evening work shift, Ruby is awed by August's tales of travelling around the world to exotic locations. From the counter, Granny repeatedly calls her, but Ruby keeps trying to buy time to continue listening to August's stories. Finally, Granny bluntly tells her to stop flirting and do the diner's paperwork. Thoroughly embarrassed, Ruby marches over to the counter only to find out Granny wants her to start working weekends and taking on more responsibilities at the diner. Unwilling to settle, she argues with her grandmother until quitting the diner job on the spot and walking out. ("Red-Handed")

Following Mary Margaret's arrest on charges of murdering David's missing wife, Kathryn, Henry broods at the diner when August walks in to take a seat next to him. Seeing how upset Henry is about Emma having to arrest Mary Margaret, August lets the boy in on a secret. Henry learns August believes the storybook stories are real and he is making it his mission to convince Emma they are true. Henry is pleased by the news and recalls trying to find proof for Emma. Before leaving, August suggests he should search in the book. ("Heart of Darkness")

As Emma is leaving the diner, David asks her about Mary Margaret and attempts to justify why he questioned her innocence. Though he pleads to see Mary Margaret, Emma pointedly tells him that she doesn't want to see him at this point. ("The Stable Boy")

Having found evidence that Sidney, a previous ally, is conspiring against her to help Regina frame Mary Margaret for murder, Emma confronts him at the diner as he tries to deny everything. When pressed further, Sidney gives admission to being in love with Regina. Emma gives him an ultimatum to either go down with Regina or help her bring the madam mayor down. ("The Return")

Despite losing his storybook previously, Henry regains it after Emma mysteriously finds it in a container under her car. While at the diner, Henry notices there is now a new story in the book that isn't yet finished. He says the story is about Pinocchio and curiously wonders if there is more to it, but Emma suggests he hurry off to school. ("The Stranger")

Hoping to gain full custody of Henry after learning how manipulative Regina is, Emma consults with Dr. Hopper in a meeting at the diner. He admits her custody case is not strong, especially since she can't prove any of her allegations against Regina are true. Archie is also concerned about how Henry is being affected by the dispute between Emma and Regina. He says that a court would see that, since Emma arrived in town, Henry has stolen things, skipped school, and repeatedly put himself in danger. Emma perceives that Archie is implying that Henry is better off with Regina, and he says that the boy's adoptive mother would never hurt him. Archie believes the war between her and Regina needs to end or Henry will keep getting hurt. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

After First CurseEdit

After Emma breaks the curse and all Storybrooke residents, including Will regain their Enchanted Forest memories, Mr. Gold seeks vengeance against Regina for locking Belle up for twenty-eight years by branding her as the next victim of the Wraith. While the Wraith runs loose in Storybrooke, Will walks through town, bypassing Emma as she drives past, and heads to the diner. Ashley, who now works there as a waitress, and Leroy have just come out of the closed diner. Will bumps into Ashley as he walks to the diner entrance, and secretly swipes a key from her. Leroy points out the diner is not open, but Will ignores him. After they leave, he uses the key to sneak into the diner to make himself a cup of coffee. From the ground of the diner, a portal bursts forth and the White Rabbit pops out. As it turns out, the White Rabbit is looking for Alice to inform her Cyrus is alive, so Will uses the portal to reach Alice in England. ("Broken", "Down the Rabbit Hole")

Since regaining his memories following the broken curse, Marco has desperately been trying to his young son to no avail. Finally, at the diner, Henry reveals his son's name in Storybrooke, August, and the older man hurries to find him. At the counter, Henry and David sit and discuss ways to get back Emma and Mary Margaret, who were sucked into a hat portal to another realm. ("We Are Both")

Wishing to help bring back Emma and Mary Margaret, Henry calls Regina, who is packing up her office as she has been asked to leave, and invites her to have lunch in ten minutes, at Granny's. When she leaves, Henry enters through an interior door to steal her skeleton keys, which open the vault. ("Lady of the Lake")

After a fight with Mr. Gold, Belle comes to the diner to get refuge. Ruby comes by the counter to ask if she is alright. Belle is unsure of her emotions, so Ruby offers her a place to stay and suggests she re-opens the library. Later, Belle is being taught by Ruby the names of the foods served in the diner. She also hands Belle a key to the library someone left for her. ("The Crocodile")

When the dwarves find diamonds in the mines, which can be used to make fairy dust and rescue Emma and Mary Margaret, the whole town celebrates at the diner for the night. Ruby is serving at the counter, and briefly goes to take a break. She is approached by Billy, who asks her out on a date. Ruby is hesitant to accept since she is worried about turning into a wolf during the first curse-free wolfstime. Belle notices her discomfort and rescues her from the conversation by saying they are having a girls' night out. Later, Albert Spencer approaches David and warns him that he plans to make his life hell as revenge for ruining his plans for family in the past. ("Child of the Moon")

One night, Belle and Mr. Gold are enjoying burgers at the diner before Regina interrupts them and tells that Cora is trying to cross realms into Storybrooke. He believes that Cora is dead, and they talk of the animosity that she would have for both of them. Belle curiously inquiries about who Cora is, though Mr. Gold replies that she will never have to meet her. ("Into the Deep")

Emma and Mary Margaret make their long awaited return to Storybrooke after using means of a portal from the Enchanted Forest to traverse home. In excitement to make up for lost time with their friends, they head off with Henry, David, Ruby, and the dwarves to Granny's for lunch. ("Queen of Hearts")

In honor of Mary Margaret and Emma's homecoming, Granny hosts a dinner at the diner, and all of Mary Margaret and David's friends attend, as well as Regina, who is invited by Emma. She pops in carrying a tray of lasagna the other residents are not very eager to try. Leroy thinks she has doused it with poison, but she persuades him there's nothing life threatening in it, and many sample her cooking, which is quite good. Regina is able to spend a short time with Henry, who is happy to see her. However, everyone else pays little attention to Regina. Crestfallen, she departs early from the party. Emma notices, and follows her out. ("The Cricket Game")

Over at the diner, Mary Margaret pores over various houses that are currently on the market in town. She longs to move out to a bigger space for herself and David. Though she asks his opinion on several houses for sale, he is disinterested in all of them. He wishes to return to the Enchanted Forest, but she cautions the land won't be the same as it was with ogres desecrating what used to be their home. David senses this might be all the more proof they need to go back to take back what is rightfully theirs, but Mary Margaret is tired of agonizing over constant battles, and just wants to settle down. ("The Outsider")

Havoc is wrecked on Storybrooke when Regina helps to unleash a giant's wraith on humans by offering him a magic mushroom which restores him to his former mammoth size. The effects of the mushroom eventually wear off, and the giant, Anton, warily accepts the help of David and the town residents to rescue him from death. The citizens welcome Anton to their town by bringing him to the diner. Awkwardly, Anton acknowledges he will likely live in the woods, but Leroy interjects Storybrooke has all kinds of living creatures, and he will easily fit in. ("Tiny")

Aware of Cora's dangerous presence in town, Mary Margaret takes a course of action to sway Regina's mindset so she might come to the side of good. After learning Cora and Regina intend to steal Mr. Gold's dagger, she calls the madam mayor to the diner under false pretenses. Only after they are both seated, Mary Margaret reveals the true reason she wanted to talk. She offers Regina a second chance to pick the side of good. Regina scoffs; wondering if perhaps she has always been good until being dubbed evil. In particular, Mary Margaret wants to know why Regina is reverting to how she used to be after all the progress of trying to be good. Bitterly, Regina says she knows she'd never be accepted because no one in town believes she can actually change. Before leaving, she warns Mary Margaret to stay out of her way or else. In a last ditch attempt, Mary Margaret strongly suggests Cora does not care about Regina, or Henry, and it has always been about obtaining power. Regina retorts she wouldn't know anything about mothers; much to Mary Margaret's dismay. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Henry is extremely upset Emma and David are possibly going to resort to killing Regina because they feel there is no other way to stop the blood feud. Regina wants to kill Mary Margaret in revenge for murdering her mother, Cora, and by taking Mary Margaret's heart, she can enact the curse of the broken-hearted. The curse will grant her Henry's love, or at least make her believe she is loved. Henry runs away, but Emma follows him out and takes him to the diner. Neal is waiting at a table booth, and tries to bribe Henry with a delicious dessert, but he doesn't fall for it. Neal suggests Henry move to New York with him to keep him safe from Regina. Henry dislikes the idea, but half heartedly agrees with it. He excuses himself to the bathroom.

At the counter, Emma is having some coffee when Greg comes in. Ruby has his order ready on a tray, but he asks to have it wrapped up to go. He chats with Emma briefly; saying he is on doctor's orders to get some exercise, so he is going hiking in the woods. Emma is perplexed by his stay, and thought he might have been back in Pennsylvania now. Greg grins and says the town is growing on him; just as Ruby comes back with his bagged food, and after paying, he leaves. Emma and Ruby exchange a glance full of uncertainty. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Emma and Henry meet up with Neal in his room at the bed and breakfast, and he sends Henry off to the diner to get three cups of hot cocoa. Neal's fiancée, Tamara arrives in Storybrooke and meets Henry for the first time. Later, she seeks refugee at the diner after Neal tries to tell her about who he really is, and she does not believe him.

At a table booth, Greg is having a slice of apple pie. Regina browses by and makes small talk with him. At the same time, Emma is urgently called by Mary Margaret to meet up with her at the diner. As Mary Margaret is rushing in, she passes Regina, who is on her way out. She is momentarily stunned when Regina tells her she should try the fish special as it suits her well as a blackened soul. Shaking it off, she hurries to the counter where Emma waits. She explains August's current dilemma, and within earshot, Marco hears every word she says. The three of them make their way to find Mother Superior to give August a helping hand. Several seats down at the counter, Tamara has been listening to the conversation, and is on the prowl to investigate August's whereabouts. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

Hard at work tending to the growing fields of magic beans, David and Leroy stop at the diner to order ten bowls of chili for themselves as well as Anton and the other dwarves. Granny prods them about what they've been doing out there, but Leroy merely says it's just landscaping. Mr. Gold arrives to speak with David, so Leroy heads out alone with the chili orders. David learns Belle's memory was apparently jogged by Regina, though not in a good way. Belle doesn't recall her life the Enchanted Forest, but of her false memories during the curse. Desperate to win Belle back, though she is completely different with false memories, Mr. Gold asks how David won Mary Margaret's heart while cursed. David tells him that in order to get back the real Belle, he needs to show her the man she fell in love with. That night, Mr. Gold successfully sets up a date with Belle, now calling herself Lacey, at the diner. As they wait for their food orders, she is surprised that his fearsome reputation is nothing like the real him. Later, Lacey says people can't tell what a person is like until they see what is in their heart, which is something she once said in a past life. Shocked by her words, Mr. Gold spills iced tea on her dress. Lacey goes to clean up at the restroom, but in truth, ditches him to have a rendezvous with Keith. ("Lacey")

Suspicious of Neal's fiancée, Tamara, Emma purposely bumps into her at the diner. This causes the contents of Tamara's purse to fall onto the floor of the diner. Emma rushes to pick up the scattered items, and she is stunned to see Tamara has a list of numerous Storybrooke residents and their Enchanted Forest identities. After seeing this, Emma asks Tamara how she feels about Storybrooke as she knows it is a lot to take in. Tamara says that that is an understatement, but Emma would know that better than anyone. Emma tells Tamara that Henry helped her get through the "craziness" of Storybrooke, and Tamara tells her that Neal is doing the same for her. Warily, Emma expresses concerns should the outside world ever find out about a town full of fairytale residents. To this, Tamara pleasantly hints that she is trustworthy and can keep a secret. ("The Evil Queen")

Tamara reveals her true objective in town by teaming up with her ally, Greg, to activate a trigger and destroy Storybrooke's magic. To save the townspeople, David and Hook steal back a magic bean from Greg and Tamara. Arriving at the diner, they all get ready to leave, but Henry asks Emma where Regina is. Once Emma tells Henry that Regina is absorbing the trigger and won't survive, Henry refuses to leave her to die. When Henry compares this situation to when they saved Regina from the Wraith, Mary Margaret gets the idea to send the trigger to another world, much like they did with the Wraith. Emma says that the plan is too risky, but Archie, along with everyone else in the diner, agree that it is the only way to survive. The diner violently shakes, and Emma asks for the beans, but Mary Margaret says that she can't take the easy way out like she did by killing Cora, and that she did it because it was easy, and that she would rather take the harder path. Emma agrees, so David tosses her the pouch containing the beans, but Hook snatches it away from her. Hook tells Emma that if Regina wants to die for them they should let her, but Emma tells him that he can either work with them and be apart of something, or he can work by himself and have it end badly. Hook then hands over the pouch, asking her why she is so passionate, and she responds that Henry just lost his father today and she won't let him lose his mother too. Hook inquiries who is Henry's father and learns it's Neal. ("And Straight On 'Til Morning")

At the diner, Archie and Belle are talking about her fears that Mr. Gold will die while trying to save Henry from Greg and Tamara. Belle deeply wishes to help save the boy, though Archie thinks she has done more than enough by protecting Storybrooke. To Belle, pouring a potion over rocks is not considered much in her own eyes. Archie realizes she wants to be a hero and highlights that by enacting the spell, the bad guys are kept out of town. Belle doesn't truly believe anyone is coming to town, and concludes the reason she wasn't on the ship to Neverland is because Mr. Gold doesn't need her. Suddenly, Leroy pops in with a guest, Ariel, who brings news from Neverland about Mr. Gold. ("Dark Hollow")

When the heroes come back from Neverland, a celebration is held at Granny's. There, Emma gives Henry, who is actually Peter Pan in disguise, his fairytale book, which was with Neal. Nearby, Hook tells Neal that he intends to back off from pursuing Emma for Henry's sake. Meanwhile, Regina tries to convince Mother Superior to give back Tinker Bell's wings. However, head nun says she cannot return her magic because Tinker Bell no longer believes herself. Neal asks Emma out on a date, and she is encouraged by her parents to accept. Some time later, while the couple is having lunch, Mr. Gold approaches and gives David an elixir to heal him from a poison he was poisoned with in Neverland. After being healed, David suggests to his wife that they start trying to have another child. Mary Margaret, noticing Neal sitting alone at a table booth, is saddened that Emma didn't listen to their advice. While David goes to find Emma, Tinker Bell bumps into Hook in the diner hallway. Though clearly still head-over-heels for certain blonde, Hook tries to convince Tinker Bell into having a drink with him. All-knowingly, she recognizes he wants more than just a drink and declines his offer. Suddenly, they hear a scream outside and rush out as David and Emma pull up in a truck. Emma suspiciously regards Hook and Tinker Bell as being together, especially when they both give conflicting answers. ("The New Neverland")

During Second CurseEdit

Pan succeeds in casting the Dark Curse, so Regina has no other option than destroying the curse scroll, which sends all Storybrooke inhabitants, except Emma and Henry, back to the Enchanted Forest. One year later, everyone comes back to the Land Without Magic due to Snow White enacting a new curse. As a consequence, no one remembers anything from the last year. ("Going Home", "A Curious Thing")

Emma and Henry are brought back to Storybrooke by Hook, but the boy remembers nothing of the town or his time there. Ruby serves him an order of hot chocolate, however, he is surprised when she adds cinnamon in. Henry asks how she knew he liked cinnamon, and Ruby hastily says it was just a guess. Mary Margaret, who is heavily pregnant, and David enter, and Emma introduces them as old friends. At the counter, Regina turns around and drops her cup in shock over seeing Henry, who has no idea of who she is. As David, Emma and Regina leave to investigate the circumstances of their return to Storybrooke, Mary Margaret keeps Henry company. She suggests going to the library since he likes books. While he is grabbing his coat, a woman named Zelena introduces herself as a midwife and offers to help Mary Margaret during her pregnancy. Later that day, Leroy, who is following a scheme with Emma and Regina, enters the diner and lies; telling everyone that Regina managed to create a potion to restore their memories. Worried, Zelena quickly leaves the diner to steal the potion. ("Witch Hunt")

After discovering a spinning wheel littered with strands of spun gold in the cellar of the Wicked Witch's farmhouse, Emma and her allies conclude Mr. Gold is indeed alive. In a morning meeting at the closed diner, they discuss where to search for Mr. Gold while Regina decides do more sleuthing alone at the farmhouse for evidence of magic. ("Quiet Minds")

Following a funeral service for Neal, the townspeople regroup at the diner to mourn quietly. Hook offers to take Henry out for the day and help him learn more about Neal, which Emma allows. At the counter, Regina eyes Robin Hood's lion tattoo, which she once saw on an unknown man who was destined to be her second chance at love. Tinker Bell, the fairy that used pixie dust in the past to show Regina the man, notices Robin Hood's tattoo and confronts her about it. The conversation turns sour when Regina refuses to take Tinker Bell's advice. Suddenly, the Wicked Witch, Zelena, storms in to reveal herself as Regina's half-sister and challenges her sibling to a public battle after sundown. Regina is in disbelief over Zelena's claim, though the latter tells her to dig into the past to find the truth. After she is gone, everyone is still trying to make sense of what just happened. Taking Zelena's words to heart, Regina heads to her vault for answers. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

While Emma is taking magic lessons with Regina, David and Mary Margaret encounter a washed-up Ariel, who is actually Zelena in disguise, near the beach. Ariel explains that since the first curse was undone, she has been searching for Eric to no avail. They take her to the diner hoping Hook can provide help since he is the only one who wasn't affected by the second curse. He claims to know nothing, but is pushed by David and Mary Margaret into assisting Ariel further by going with her to the pawnshop. With Hook gone, the couple watch over Henry in his stead. Later that evening, Emma, her parents, Henry and Regina have a meal together at the diner. ("The Jolly Roger")

To learn more about why Zelena was abandoned by Cora, Regina summons her mother from the land of the dead with David, Emma, Hook and Mary Margaret's help, but the attempt seemingly fails. Awaiting news from Belle as she researches what spell Zelena intends to cast, Emma shows off her strengthening magic skills at the diner to Hook. At one point, she teleports his hooked hand a distance away, but he only reacts grumpily and refuses to elaborate on his bad mood. Belle bursts in to with news on Zelena's spell, and the trio head back to Regina's house. ("Bleeding Through")

Having stopped running away from love, Regina begins a romance with Robin Hood. In the hallway of the diner, they passionately kiss as Henry passes through. She departs for the inn to meet with David, Emma and Mary Margaret as they form a plan to shatter the current curse by recreating the effects that caused the last one to break. Though the first curse ceased when Emma gave Henry true love's kiss, it was the storybook that caused her to start believing in magic. The foursome leave to look for the book in Mary Margaret's apartment. As they pass through the diner on their way out, Henry notices them and stops Emma to ask her where she is going. When questioned, she affirms that it is business that has to do with the person who murdered his father. Henry demands to know the whole truth, but Emma shuts down the conversation entirely until he backs off. Before she goes, he requests her set of keys to access their inn room. ("A Curious Thing")

After Second CurseEdit

By bestowing a kiss of true love onto Henry, Regina breaks the second curse and restores everyone's lost memories from the missing year in the Enchanted Forest. Additionally, she defeats Zelena with light magic. Rather than kill her, Regina spares her sister's life with imprisonment, though Mr. Gold secretly kills the witch out of vengeance. From Zelena's death, her time spell is enacted. Following the birth of Mary Margaret's second child, she and David plan to have a celebration at the diner where they will announce their son's name. Archie, Aurora, Bashful, Belle, Doc, Dopey, Hook, Kathryn, Leroy, Mr. Clark, Marco, Mother Superior, Mr. Gold, Regina, Robin Hood and Walter attend the party as well as many other townspeople. At some point, Emma's decision to leave Storybrooke for New York comes up. When challenged by both Henry and Regina, she abruptly leaves. While Hook goes to talk some sense into her, the townspeople notice Zelena's time spell is activated. Emma and Hook fall into the time portal and travel into the past to recreate the very first meeting between Prince Charming and Snow White. After returning to the present, Emma realizes her home is in Storybrooke and vows to stay. Proudly, David and Mary Margaret name their son after a hero that saved them all—Neal. Hook tells Emma his long-kept secret—that he traded his ship for a magic bean so he could cross worlds to reach her again. This leads Emma into reciprocating his feelings. Marian, who was brought back from the past, is recognized by Robin Hood as his deceased wife, despite that he is already in a relationship with Regina. As Marian reunites with her husband and son, Roland, Regina angrily berates Emma for her interference in the past and causing trouble in the present. ("Kansas", "Snow Drifts", "There's No Place Like Home")

Since Robin Hood decides he must honor his marriage vows with Marian, Regina is left heartbroken by their breakup. In this difficult time, Henry tries to help his mother by making her a basket of comfort food, such as chocolate and red wine, but she sends a note asking him not to visit her. Hurt and confused by her response, he runs away to the diner. Emma, after reading the letter herself, follows him there to explain Regina just needs space while she heals. Henry, however, believes Regina is making the wrong choice by pushing him away. Suddenly, the power goes out. Radioed on a walkie-talkie, Emma receives a report from David of a town blackout and she agrees to wait for him to arrive so they can investigate the issue. Knowing Henry is never one to pass up a mission, she asks if he would like to come. Jokingly, she suggests various operation names, like Nightshade or Blackthorn, but he is not feeling up to it. Later in the night, Emma, suffering exposure to extreme temperatures, and Henry reunite at the apartment as everyone pitches in to warm her up. She apologizes for not being of much help earlier in the diner, but Henry is relieved she is okay since he is only down to one mother now and didn't want to lose her after already losing Regina. ("White Out")

Since reconciling with Regina, Henry grabs a cup of hot chocolate from the diner when his adoptive mother gifts him new comic books. When she prods him about the storybook's author, he realizes there is more to her questions. Regina admits she intended to seek out the writer so the person can rewrite a happy ending for her. Henry loves the idea and suggests they work on it as a secret mission, which Regina then dubs "Operation Mongoose". Suddenly, Robin Hood arrives to ask for Regina's help with Marian, who has collapsed from an apparent freezing spell. That night, after the culprit who cast the spell is discovered, Emma exits the diner where Hook is waiting for her at a nearby table. He tries to engage her in conversation, but Emma breezes by; warning him that she's not in the mood. Believing she is avoiding him due to distrust, Hook voices these concerns, but Emma reveals she is keeping her distance out of fear of losing him like her prior lovers; Graham, Neal and Walsh. Hook assures her that he is good at survival, and then the two make-up with a kiss. ("Rocky Road")

After telling Henry about her relationship status with Hook, Emma drives him to the diner where she intends to ask her boyfriend out on a date. As they exit the vehicle, she asks Henry if he minds the situation. Admittedly, he doesn't like it, but wants her to be happy. With a pat on her back, he urges his mother to go into the diner. When Hook sees Emma walk in, he believes she has new information about the Snow Queen, but instead, she pops the question to Hook. Happily, he agrees to their first date, and due to his insistence, she allows him to plan their outing. "(The Apprentice")

Walking into the diner, Will sees a moody Robin Hood playing darts. As he moves to exit to avoid a confrontation, Robin Hood stops him by hitting a dart at the wall near the door. Will approaches Robin Hood, who has still not forgiven him for once endangering the lives of the Merry Men due to his foolish endeavor in stealing a looking glass for a woman. The two then share a conversation on their complicated love life. Caught in a dilemma, Robin Hood knows he must forget the woman he truly loves, Regina, since the only known way to save Marian is with true love's kiss. Due to this, he talks about needing to remember that Marian was the one who changed him for the better. Going by a past conversation he had with Marian, Will gives Robin Hood advice she once said about true love, which is something one must always fight for everyday even if it means giving everything up. ("The Snow Queen")

As Will has a drink at the diner, Robin Hood enlists his help on a mission to help Regina find the author of the storybook. Will gives him details of Storybrooke under the first curse, in which time was frozen, but as the curse weakened, the hands of the clock tower began moving again. He believes the tower is the main source of the town's magic and suggests they find information about the book's author in the library below the tower. ("Smash the Mirror")

As the Snow Queen's spell threatens to overtake the town, Mother Superior and the other nuns gather in the diner with Belle to make a counter spell. To create it, they need a hair strand from a person who survived Ingrid's spell; Elsa's sister Anna. The nuns discover they can use Ingrid's mirror shard in the necklace to ward off her imminent spell. Mr. Gold arrives to take Belle away, but Mother Superior affirms her help is needed with the counter spell, to which he decides to keep his wife company. Meanwhile, Elsa pretends to give the necklace to Emma by stuffing a pouch with rocks, and she takes the real pendant to locate Anna. After Mother Superior examines the pouch, everyone realizes Elsa duped them. Belle warns it's now too late to create the counter spell, and their only hope is if Anna is present. Emma catches up with Elsa, and they find Anna. Belle, informed they are en-route to the diner, departs with Mr. Gold and leaves the remaining work to the nuns. Under Mr. Gold's orders, a reluctant Hook absorbs the nuns into the sorcerer's hat. Witnessing the demise of her fellow sisters, Mother Superior tries to crawl to safety before Hook corners her and she, too, is swallowed into the hat. Shortly after, Emma arrives with Anna, Elsa and Kristoff, but the nuns are nowhere to be found. ("Fall")



  • The diner wallpaper[1] resembles trees, and has been deliberately put on all the walls of the set to tie Storybrooke to the Enchanted Forest.[2] It is an actual wallpaper called Mirage, which is sold at Graham & Brown.[3]
  • For exterior scenes, the Cannery Cafe in Steveston Village doubles as the diner.[4] The interior scenes are filmed inside a studio. Outside the set windows is a painted replica of Storybrooke's main street.[5]
  • The diner is the only Storybrooke location where all fourteen former and current starring cast members have filmed a scene.
  • There is a dartboard in a corner of the diner,[6] which is later replaced[7] by an old Seeburg[5] HF100R 1953 jukebox.[8] The jukebox is eventually moved into the adjoining hallway, and the dartboard is put back.[9] ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter", "Welcome to Storybrooke", "It's Not Easy Being Green")


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.