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Infinite Forest
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True North

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A Land Without Magic

"This is the Infinite Forest. There's no way out. Well, except... my way."
Rumplestiltskin to Prince Charming[src]

The Infinite Forest is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the ninth episode of the first season


Before the CurseEdit

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Hansel and Gretel set off to find their father. ("True North")

After retrieving the poisoned apple from the Blind Witch, the Evil Queen offers to let Hansel and Gretel live in her palace. They turn down her offer, stating that they wish to be with their father. This upsets the Queen, so she has then poofed out of her site. Later on, Gretel is seen awakening on the woodland ground and sitting up as her brother Hansel lay next to her, still unconscious. She shakes his shoulder, telling him to wake up, and his eyes soon open before the two of them get to their feet. They take a look around at the evening forest and Gretel comments that the Queen let them go. Hansel tells his sister that he's scared but she tells him not to be, assuring him that everything will be fine. She looks down to see her father's compass around her neck and inspects it, she then looks up at her brother and smiles before taking his hand. The brother and sister proceed to walk through the woods, hand in hand, on their way to find their father. However, the camera pans out to reveal that the two children are wandering through a never ending forest. ("True North")

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Rumple overpowers Charming. ("A Land Without Magic")

Prince Charming is banished to a never-ending forest by the Evil Queen, still on his quest to find Snow White, who's already taken a bite out of the Queen's poisoned apple, sending her under a sleeping curse. Charming, on his venture, runs into Rumplestiltskin and decides to battle him, however, it is no use, as Rumple bests every one of Charming's maneuvers. Rumple steals Charming's mother's ring and enchants it to glow brighter the closer it gets to Snow. Charming wants this desperately but Rumple refuses to give it to him until a certain task if performed. The Dark One gives Charming a golden egg in which a potion consisting of true love is concealed. He asks Charming to hide it with the dragon, Maleficent. Charming defeats the dragon and hides the egg with it before returning to Rumple, retrieving the ring, and finding his true love, awakening her with a kiss. ("A Land Without Magic")