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This page lists Land Without Color characters featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Land Without Color CharactersEdit

This section lists characters visiting or residing in the Land Without Color.


Main Article: Alphonse

Alphonse débuts in the twelfth episode of the second season, and is portrayed by Gregory Itzin. He does not have a Storybrooke counterpart. Alphonse is a proud military oriented man and the father of two sons, Gerhardt and Victor. He shows favoritism towards Gerhardt, who is also a military soldier. As for his younger son, Alphonse feels he is a disappointment because of Victor's chosen profession as a scientist. Instead, he assigns Victor to become a field physician in the army. Victor reacts with much protest against it, but Alphonse cuts off the monetary funds used in his son's scientific endeavors. An accident causes Gerhardt's death, which Victor feels responsible for. He promises his father to find a way to bring Gerhardt back, though Alphonse does not believe him. When the operation is a success, Victor brings his father to see Gerhardt. After a brief examination by Alphonse, he concludes this person is not his son at all and loudly blames Victor for it. A scuffle ensues between father and son, which upsets Gerhardt, who reacts by pushing Alphonse to the ground and beating him to death. ("In the Name of the Brother")


Main Article: Gerhardt

Gerhardt débuts in the fifth episode of the second season, and is portrayed by Chad Michael Collins. He does not have a Storybrooke counterpart. Gerhardt is the younger son of Alphonse and like his father, he is a military soldier. Despite that he gets more attention than his older brother, Victor, the two siblings get along well. While Alphonse is proud of Gerhardt, he sees Victor as a disappointment for becoming a scientist, and enlists him to be a physician for the army. Gerhardt finds Victor in the graveyard digging up a body to use in his experiments. The two are forced to flee after a graveyard guard begins shooting at them. Though they make it to safety inside a carriage, Gerhardt is fatally wounded and dies. Guilty about his brother's death, Victor tries his hardest to bring him back. When using a human heart doesn't work, Victor nabs a magical heart from the Enchanted Forest and succeeds in reviving Gerhardt. Even so, Gerhardt is not the same as he once was. Alphonse is displeased with the results and blames Victor for what transpired. While overhearing the loud argument, Gerhardt acts out by beating his father to death. Later, he is locked up in a tower room by Victor, who comes to him armed with a pistol to put Gerhardt out of his misery. Gerhardt willingly complies, but Victor cannot bring himself to shoot his brother and leaves. ("In the Name of the Brother")


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Igor débuts in the fifth episode of the second season, and is portrayed by Yurij Kis. It is currently unknown if he has a counterpart. Igor is Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory assistant. After the death of Dr. Frankenstein's brother Gerhardt, he tries to help in reviving him through experimentation, though it is a failure. Igor watches over the state of Gerhardt's body while the doctor is away in the Enchanted Forest procuring a stronger heart. When he returns, Igor witnesses Dr. Frankenstein place the heart inside the body that allows Gerhardt to rise from the dead. He remarks in awe of the magic, but the doctor corrects him; saying it's the work of science. ("The Doctor", "In the Name of the Brother")

Mad HatterEdit

Main Article: Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter, also known as Jefferson, débuts in the seventeenth episode of the first season, and is portrayed by Sebastian Stan. He is the Enchanted Forest counterpart of Jefferson. Business associated with Rumplestiltskin, the Mad Hatter used to travel to several worlds through his magic hat. When Rumplestiltskin decides to use Dr. Frankenstein to provoke Regina's heartbreak, he sends the Mad Hatter to the Land Without Color. Since the rule of the hat says two must go in a portal so two can come back, the Mad Hatter would have had to take someone with him the first time he went to the Land Without Color, as well as bring that person back with him when he takes Victor home and returns to the Enchanted Forest. However, the exact circumstances of his going and coming back are uncertain. ("The Doctor")


Main Article: Rumplestiltskin

Rumplestiltskin débuts in the first episode of the first season, and is portrayed by Robert Carlyle. He is the Enchanted Forest counterpart of Mr. Gold. Rumplestiltskin travels to the Land Without Magic and strikes a deal with scientist Dr. Frankenstein to learn more about his methods in using science to bring back the dead, which is not something possible with magic from the Enchanted Forest. As a reward, Rumplestiltskin gives the doctor hordes of money that will accommodate his experimentation expenses. Following the death and failed resurrection of Dr. Frankenstein's brother, Rumplestiltskin offers him another arrangement so they can both get what they want. As per Rumplestiltskin's request, Dr. Frankenstein feigns an attempt to resuscitate the Queen's dead lover Daniel and returns home with a magic heart to use on Gerhardt. ("In the Name of the Brother")

Victor FrankensteinEdit

Main Article: Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein débuts in the fifth episode of the second season, and is portrayed by David Anders. He is the Enchanted Forest counterpart of Dr. Whale. Victor is an experimental scientist who is overshadowed by his father's favoritism towards the older son Gerhardt. Victor's father wishes for him to become an army physician, but he wants to continue his research as a scientist. He is cut off from monetary funding due to his father's pressure. Just as Victor is packing up his things in the lab, Rumplestiltskin appears before him. The man wants to learn more about how he raises the dead, and in return Victor will get the funding he needs to continue his experiments. Victor sneaks into a graveyard and attempts to dig up a corpse to take back to the lab and experiment on. Gerhardt finds him and expresses disapproval in his job. They are both forced to flee when a graveyard guard catches them. Unfortunately, Gerhardt sustains a gunshot wound and dies shortly after. Victor tries his hardest to bring his brother back to life, but the human heart can't tolerate the strain of the experiment and burns to a crisp black. He is offered another deal by Rumplestiltskin travel to the Enchanted Forest and pretend to resurrect someone. In doing so, Victor acquires a stronger, magical heart he can use on Gerhardt. The experiment is a success and his brother is revived, but Gerhardt is also not quite the same. His father does not find the results satisfactory and claims that is not his son. As Victor is being physically assaulted by his father, Gerhardt becomes agitated by the commotion. Victor watches as his brother violently beats their father to death. Afterwards, Victor tries to end things by shooting Gerhardt with a pistol, but cannot bring himself to go through with it. ("The Doctor", "In the Name of the Brother")