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This page lists Netherworld characters featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Netherworld CharactersEdit

This section lists characters visiting or residing in the Netherworld.


Main article: Aurora

Aurora débuts in the first episode of the second season, and is portrayed by Sarah Bolger. She does not have a Storybrooke counterpart. Aurora, while under the influence of the Sleeping Curse, travels to the Netherworld in her sleep. When the curse is broken via true love's kiss by Prince Phillip, Aurora begins suffering from a side effect of re-entering the Netherworld while asleep. Trapped in ared room surrounded by flames, she sees a young boy who is in the same dilemma as her. The sight frightens Aurora, but the boy, Henry, eventually engages contact with her. Through the Netherworld connection, the two are able to communicate and trade information concerning Emma and Mary Margaret, who are attempting to find a way back to Storybrooke while fighting a nemesis, Cora. Henry tries to tell her about a special squid ink they need to defeat Cora, but Aurora is forced awake before she can fully hear him. ("Broken", "Tallahassee", "Into the Deep")

David NolanEdit

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David Nolan débuts in the first episode of the first season, and is portrayed by Josh Dallas. He is the Storybrooke counterpart of Prince Charming. David voluntarily undergoes the Sleeping Curse in Henry's place to possibly speak with Mary Margaret in the Netherworld. By pricking his finger on a spindle, he falls asleep and awakens in a room in the Netherworld full of mirrors. After figuring out the fiery room Henry was previously in is located beneath the current room, David breaks the floor and lands down to see Mary Margaret. He communicates with her vital information about the squid ink she and Emma need to defeat Cora. When Mary Margaret tries to awaken David from the Sleeping Curse with true love's kiss, it doesn't work because they are unable to touch while physically unconscious. David remains trapped in the Netherworld until Mary Margaret escapes back to Storybrooke from the Enchanted Forest and breaks his curse. ("Into the Deep", "Queen of Hearts")

Henry MillsEdit

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Henry Mills débuts in the first episode of the first season, and is portrayed by Jared S. Gilmore. He does not have a counterpart. Henry begins experiencing horrifying nightmares of being trapped in a room full of engulfing fire while there is another person present as well. Concerned about Henry's mental state, Mr. Gold is consulted to figure out what is going on. Mr. Gold explains because Henry recently woke up from the Sleeping Curse, his body is suffering through the side effect of continuously returning to the place his soul resided when the curse was still in effect—the Netherworld. Henry is given a special necklace to protect himself from the fire in the Netherworld. While asleep, he is able to reach the other person also trapped in the same room, who Henry learns is Aurora. They are able to breach a line of communication as Aurora is from the Enchanted Forest, and also a travelling companion of Mary Margaret and Emma. Urged by Mr. Gold, Henry tries to tell Aurora about a special squid ink that will help them defeat their nemesis, Cora, but she is whisked out of the Netherworld to consciousness without fully hearing him. ("Child of the Moon", "Into the Deep")

Mary Margaret BlanchardEdit

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Mary Margaret Blanchard débuts in the first episode of the first season, and is portrayed by Ginnifer Goodwin. She is the Storybrooke counterpart of Snow White. Mary Margaret, while stuck in the Enchanted Forest, learns from Aurora she is able to communicate with Henry in Storybrooke. The connection is severed when Aurora is kidnapped by Cora, so Mary Margaret asks to be put under a mimicked effect of the Sleeping Curse by the use of poppy dust. Re-entering the Netherworld, Mary Margaret waits in the red room for Henry to show up, but instead sees David, who came in his stead. David delivers information to her about the squid ink necessary to stop Cora. When Mary Margaret tries to give David a kiss of true love to break his curse, it doesn't work because they are unable to physically touch. She is forced to leave him after regaining consciousness. ("Into the Deep")