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A Locator Spell, also referred to as a Locator Potion, is a spell featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the twenty-second episode of the first season.


Before First CurseEdit

Escaping from the Evil Queen's grip, Prince Charming becomes lost in a forest while trying to reunite with his true love, Snow White. The Dark One, Rumplestiltskin, lends a helping hand by enchanting a ring in Prince Charming's possession so the brighter it glows, the closer he is to Snow White's current location. As typical of Rumplestiltskin, he won't give it back unless a deal is struck between them. He refuses, dueling the Dark One, but ultimately loses in the fight. Grudgingly, Prince Charming agrees to help Rumplestiltskin hide a potion in a dragon. After finishing the task, he receives the enchanted ring as well as a more princely outfit as he rides off to Snow White. Using the ring as a guide, Prince Charming eventually finds her deceased in a glass coffin, but not for long, as he bestows her a kiss of true love and restores her to life. ("Land Without Magic")

After First CurseEdit

Losing his wife, Mary Margaret, and daughter, Emma, after they disappeared into a portal, David goes to Mr. Gold for help tracking down the owner of a mysterious hat. Though it looks like a normal piece of headgear, the hat previously created the same portal which Emma and Mary Margaret went through. David only asks for magic to find someone and refuses to let Mr. Gold look at the hat. In a deal, they both agree to stay out of each other's business. After gaining a potion, David dumps it onto the hat, which begins directing him to its owner. Led by the hat to an overturned car, he rescues a trapped Jefferson. ("We Are Both")

In another realm called Wonderland, Alice, Cyrus and the Red Queen are trying to find a lamp that washed away in the river, which now houses their ally, Knave. While searching, the Red Queen is kidnapped by some of the kingdom's residents, who desire revenge for the wrongdoings she, as ruler of Wonderland, has dealt them. When Alice finally notices their companion is gone, she assumes the Red Queen deliberately bailed on them. Upon closer look, Cyrus finds a torn piece of the Red Queen's dress. Believing something is amiss, he quickly makes a locator spell by combining moss from the north side of a tree, a stone as white as moon and a feather. They track her to an open field where she has been tied to a post by an angry mob and the two attempt to intervene. ("Nothing to Fear")

When Henry is kidnapped, his family leaves Storybrooke for Neverland, where Peter Pan gives Emma a map he claims will lead her to Henry. Frustrated that Emma does not figure out how to read the map, Regina grabs the map and places a locater spell on it, which floats in the air and starts to lead them to Pan. ("Lost Girl")

During Second CurseEdit

Zelena, threatened by Emma, concocts a plan to rid the savior of her magic for good. Well aware that Hook has feelings for Emma, and that he carries guilt from previously refusing to help Ariel find Prince Eric, she disguises herself as the mermaid. As Ariel, she pretends to be still searching for her beloved and enlists Hook to help her search the pawnshop for a former belonging of Eric's. Finding Eric's cloak, Belle pours a locator spell on it. Taking a magical life of its own, the cloak leads Ariel and Hook straight to the dock where it sinks into the water. Feigning sadness, "Ariel" concludes Eric must be dead. ("The Jolly Roger")

After Second CurseEdit

Using Sidney to track the Snow Queen, Regina leads to the Toll Bridge. Meeting her by fate, Emma wants to know if she used a locator spell to find where the Snow Queen is hiding, but Regina refuses to reveal how she got that information. ("Breaking Glass")

When Emma loses control of her magic, she isolates herself to prevent her loves ones from being harmed by her powers. To locate Emma, Regina gives David and Mary Margaret a potion. As the couple learns about Emma's plan to give away her powers, they decide to let their daughter make her own decision. Believing giving up magic would be a mistake, Elsa secretly grabs both the potion and a scarf belonging to Emma and leaves to track her. After pouring the potion on the item, Elsa follows it to an abandoned manor where she finds Emma. ("Smash the Mirror")

Elsa and Emma use a locator spell given by Belle on a necklace to track Anna, who they need for creating a counter spell to ward off Ingrid's curse. However, they are led to a blocked cave-in in the mines and later determine it'll take hours to uncover the passage. When Belle explains that the necklace must be destroyed to enact a protection against the spell of shattered sight, Elsa fills a pouch of pebbles and hands it to Emma as a fake necklace while she herself returns to the mines with the real pendant to continue finding Anna. Reaching the cave-in, she blasts an exit through the blocked entrance just as Emma joins her, and they walk onto a beach, but the locator spell begins weakening. As the necklace glows brighter the closer it is to its owner, Emma deduces Anna is somewhere else, but a hopeful Elsa wishes to be reunited with her sister, and the necklace surprisingly grants her wish. To Elsa and Emma's awe, a chest containing Anna and Kristoff rises from the sea, to which the sisters realize that the necklace is a magical item called a wishing star, which is capable to grant a wish to the pure of heart. ("Fall")


  • It is not known if each locator spell needs the same ingredients. However, it is also possible for an item to be enchanted with the locator spell by a magic user such as when Rumplestiltskin cast the spell on a ring in "A Land Without Magic".
  • For the locator spell Cyrus cast, the following ingredients are needed:
    • Moss from the north side of a tree
    • A stone as white as the moon
    • A feather, preferably an owl's