Shepherd Crook
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Enchanted Forest

Current Location


Physical Description

Magic crook


Brown and Silver

Usage Information
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Used on
Used for
  • Branding people to find them
  • Hearing a branded person's heartbeat
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Appears in

White Out

Latest mention

The Snow Queen

"This stick is how I find my flock and you're now one of my sheep."
Bo Peep to David[src]

The Shepherd Crook is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears, with its only appearance, in the second episode of the fourth season.

The Shepherd Crook is based on the item of the same name from the nursery rhyme, "Little Bo Peep".


Before First CurseEdit

Wielding her shepherd crook, the warlord Bo Peep intimidates farm owners David and Ruth into giving their earnings to her or risk losing their farm. David and Ruth, making a meager living, have little to offer. Displeased, Bo Peep brands the pair with the crook and warns them to pay up by tomorrow or they will become her slaves forever. Under the pseudonym Joan, Anna teaches David sword sparring to counter Bo Peep. When Bo Peep learns of this, the warlord brands Anna and steals the girl's necklace as proof to David that she means business. Rather than give up, David bests Bo Peep in a fight. Taking hold of the shepherd crook, he uses it to locate and rescue Anna from a nearby barn. ("White Out")

Before Second CurseEdit

After Snow White casts the Dark Curse, with the help of Regina, she and many Enchanted Forest inhabitants return to Storybrooke. In this land, the shepherd crook is one of the items carried over from the Enchanted Forest. ("A Curious Thing", "White Out")

After Second CurseEdit

Elsa, in search of her missing sister Anna, accidentally freezes herself and Emma in an ice cave. She demands Emma's allies, David and Hook, find Anna or the whole town will suffer the wrath of her ice magic. To give them a place to start looking, Elsa states she previously found her sister's necklace in a pawnshop. Desperate to save Emma, David reiterates all this to Belle and Mr. Gold. Quickly, Belle finds an itinerary card with a photo of the pendant. A stunned David recognizes the necklace as belonging to a woman he once knew as Joan. Piecing together that Joan must be Anna, he steals the shepherd crook from Bo Peep and ultimately encourages Elsa into melting the ice cave by giving her advice that her sister once gave him. Gaining trust in these strangers, Elsa returns home with them where David hands her the shepherd crook to find Anna. Elsa sees nothing in the crook, but grows hopeful upon hearing her sister's heart beat from within. ("White Out")