Sorcerer's Hat
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In Mr. Gold's possession


Enchanted Forest

Current Location


Physical Description

Magic Hat



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Created by

The Sorcerer

Possessed by


Used by

Mr. Gold

Used on

The Apprentice

Used for

Absorbing and accumulating magic

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First appearance

A Tale of Two Sisters

Latest appearance

Smash the Mirror

"A hat, crafted thousands of years ago by a Sorcerer for one purpose. To steal magical power and guarded all these years by his Apprentice."
Rumplestiltskin to Anna[src]

The Sorcerer's Hat is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the fourth season.

The Sorcerer's Hat is based on a magical item of the same name from the Disney film, Fantasia.[1]


Before First CurseEdit

Created by a skilled sorcerer, the hat is capable of absorbing and accumulating magic. The hat, in its box form, is protected by an apprentice from each person that takes on the Dark One's powers. As an added measure of security, the sorcerer curses the box so those who have succumbed to darkness may never open it, and only someone who has been tempted into darkness but has not given into it can do the opposite. The latest Dark One, Zoso, arrives in an attempt to open the guarded relic. The apprentice, after being magically thrown aside by Zoso, watches the Dark One's futile endeavor to access the box's contents only to be blasted away by the artifact's magic. Once he informs the Dark One of why his mission will never succeed, a beaten Zoso teleports away. ("The Apprentice")

Years later, Zoso is unseated by the next Dark One, Rumplestiltskin, who also conspires to possess the sorcerer's box and utilize the hat within it. The apprentice, now living in a small cottage, stores the box in his basement for safekeeping. By some method, he unknowingly ingests a poison that Rumplestiltskin created, which will transmutate him into a mouse. In a deal with Anna, Rumplestiltskin sends her to put a bottled substance, which she presumes to be poison, into the apprentice's tea. In actuality, it is an antidote to cure him. During one day, the apprentice opens his door to Anna and invites her in for tea and biscuits. Unable to hurt the kind man, Anna defies Rumplestiltskin's orders and dumps the substance into the fire. After her departure from the cottage, the apprentice turns into a mouse. After discovering the liquid was an antidote, Anna begs Rumplestiltskin to undo the poison's effects, but the Dark One tricks the girl into nearly succumbing to darkness but ultimately turning away from it. After Rumplestiltskin gains the box, the apprentice, in mouse form, jumps onto and bites the Dark One's hand. Startled, Rumplestiltskin drops the dagger, to which Anna seizes it and commands him to give the box to her. She forces him into sending her and the box to Arendelle as well as reverting the apprentice into a human. ("The Apprentice")

Back in Arendelle, Anna meets Ingrid and mistrusts her immediately. She goes to ask Grand Pabbie about whether Ingrid's claims are true and meets Belle on the way. After they learned about Ingrids past, Anna wants to warn Elsa. But Ingrid obstructs them and her ice storm pushes Anna off a cliff, resulting in her falling unconscious. While she is blacked out, Ingrid steals the sorcerer's box and uses it to convince Elsa that Anna tried to take away her magic. ("Family Business")

Ingrid travels back to Misthaven and asks the Apprentice to arrange a deal with the Sorcerer: He may have his hat back if he tells her where to find a third magical "sister". But before the deal is to take place, Elsa gets trapped in the Magic Urn and Rumplestiltskin takes the opportunity he sees to get hold of the box himself: He takes the Urn away from Ingrid and wants to exchange it for the box. However, Ingrid decides to go along with the sorcerer's deal and hands the box back to him when she gets told about Emma and receives a passage to the Land Without Magic. ("Smash the Mirror")

After Second CurseEdit

After Mr. Gold's wedding, his new wife, Belle shows him into a house she wants to use for their honeymoon. As she walks in and jabbers on about the view of the ocean, he freezes her in place with magic. As he previously promised at Neal's grave, Mr. Gold replaces the real dagger into Belle's purse while removing the fake one. Having finished the task, he unfreezes Belle, who excitedly leads him into another room. Before following, Mr. Gold stares fixedly at a cylinder object decorated with stars before moving on. Later that night, after Belle is asleep, he takes out the real dagger and swirls it in a circular motion above the cylinder object. The device then manifests into a hat and gives off a purplish-pink glow at its core. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")


  • Every time some extra magic is absorbed, another star appears on the hat.